Qbittorrent cannot see shared drives

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Qbittorrent cannot see shared drives

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Hey everyone,

New guy here and very new guy with qBittorrent.

I recently changed from Utorrent to qbittorrent, but I am having some issues.

I started out being able to see my shared network drives through Qbittorrent. I had some problems back then though with windows reconnecting correctly to my shared drives, and I cannot remember exactly which steps I undertook (if I did anything in regedit or not), but in the end I disconnected my shared drives and reconnected them with other drive letters.

After some time I started getting I/O errors when opening up Qbittorrent. Investigating this, I quickly found out it's because qBittorrent cannot see my shared drives any longer. It can see my external and internal drives fine.

I can access my shared drives without any problems through windows explorer.

It's not a firewall issue (qbittorrent is permitted) and it's not administrator access either.

For some odd reason my qbittorrent just wont see my shared drives.

As you can see on attachment, left one is through explorer which can see them fine. Right side is through qbittorrent but it cannot see them at all.

I tried installing an older version of qBittorrent, but with no luck.
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Hope you can help!


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Re: Qbittorrent cannot see shared drives

Post by FireExit »

Hi there,

New around, but with some experience in messing with shares, one of the issues can be that depending how they are mapped is that 'Run as Admin' can result in this behaviour as the shares are mapped for the user and 'Run as Admin' puts it into the admin space which doesn't know about them.

Try ensuring you arnt running as admin, or try to map one of the drives as a test in an Admin Powershell/cmd window with the following guide:
https://www.howtogeek.com/118452/how-to ... n-windows/

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