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Hello everyone!


I've been torrenting for quite a few years, starting on a windows system with Bitlord... A friend of mine recommended it to me to use with the pirate bay, instead of using emule. I never used emule again after discovering the world of torrenting but I quickly changed my client to uTorrent. I discovered various public and private sites, tried many different bittorrent programs, switched to linux which I enjoy very much and have been using instead of windows for about 3 years now. On linux I started with kTorrent, tried deluge for a while, and then used azureus/vuze very intensively. I like to try various programs and hope to one day find a very efficient, easy on resources and user friendly client accepted on all torrent sites I use. qBittorrent is a strong contender to become that program.

I was quite blown away by the speed at which qbittorrent connects to peers and starts downloading. I find it much faster and more reliable than deluge. It's much lighter on resources than azureus/vuze, simpler and much more stable than kTorrent which often gave me a heartache, crashing, and I like qBit's interface much more.

I hope to see qbittorrent become a more and more well-known and used torrent because it is a wonderful little program with great potential.

Big thanks to Christophe and the qbit team and good luck with future development! Keep up the great work guys.


Hello and welcome to the forums!

The first part of your story is identical to mine. (The BitLord / uTorrent / linux part).
Mainly the stability/speed/lightweight stuff comes from Qt I guess. Ubuntu mainly uses GTK as you may know, and ....well they do like Qt but didn't really use it so far. Recently a person from Ubuntu (I don't know his role) said that they'll take Qt into consideration ..for main use.

To be honest if they would fix bugs in KDE (so no new features, just have a rock-solid DE) , Qt would have a bit better respect I guess. (Of course ..anyone who used Qt with programming knows its an awesome toolkit but .. =))

Welcome! Have fun using qBittorrent  :mrgreen: ~!


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