Author Topic: Delete to 'recycle bin' & remove sparse flag  (Read 2275 times)


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Delete to 'recycle bin' & remove sparse flag
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:15:52 pm »
It would be nice if .torrent files could be moved to the recycle bin rather than actually deleted.  This way secure delete software (Eraser, CCleaner, etc) that securely erases the recycle bin will also wipe the .torrent files from QBT.

EDIT:  Also, I've noticed that even when a file is completely downloaded, that QBitTorrent doesn't unset the sparse flag.  This causes a lot of secure-deletion software to not be able to securely delete the file.  Once the file is fully downloaded, there is no more need for it to be sparse, so you can use FSCTL_SET_SPARSE to turn off the flag.
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