Author Topic: qbittorrent seems sluggish  (Read 7925 times)


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qbittorrent seems sluggish
« on: December 26, 2010, 11:22:25 am »
Hey guys...i encountered a couple of problems...I'm using windows 7 32bit version and when running qbittorrent the client seems to run pretty well but when trying to open Control Panel, Computer, Task Manager freezes for 2-3 seconds and the HDD activity is pretty high...also when trying to maximize the window it doesn't do it properly...could this issue have anything to do with win 7 aero? also when testing download speeds with a public torrent utorrent manages to reach the maximum speed that my connection supports faster than qbittorrent(please if you could explain why is that I would really appreciate it) and also seems to discover more seeds and peers(again i don't know why is that)...also I have a little wishlist: normaly i'm using Utorrent as my default torrent client and after rtorrent(which i really wish could have official support on windows), qbittorrent seems to be the most lightweight and stable client; Utorrent seems sometimes inconsistent with its versions download speeds and I really want to have a very solid alternative...and qbittorrent seems to be very  close in meeting my expectations, but i really wish you could optimize it even more and make it even more lightweight and please introduce presets for different upload speeds(like utorrent has but without that connection speed testing thing because i know my maximum speed and i just multiply it with 0.8 to find what upload speed to put in qbittorrent ) that automatically modify qbittorrent's settings acording to the upload speed for best performance...thanks for all your hard work and please consider my suggestions
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Re: qbittorrent seems sluggish
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2010, 01:00:19 am »
Quote from: "axxopwns"
could this issue have anything to do with win 7 aero?
No. I'm using QB under Win 7 Pro x86 with aero - no problems.
About the rest - try with the following settings:
    enable UPnP
    global max. number of connections - 50
    max. number of connections per torrent - 10
    max. number of upload slots per torrent - 4
    enable DHT
    enable Peer Exchange
    enable Local Peer Doscovery
    max. number of half-open connections - 10
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