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Suggestion for Alternative Speeds
« on: January 10, 2011, 11:16:58 am »

Would it be a good idea if:
  • The system tray icon changes its color / appearance for the duration when the Alternative Speed Limits are enabled.
  • The tooltip of the systray icon also should also display a small message like "[Alternative Speeds Enabled]" in this case.
  • The appearance of the systray icon and its tooltip get restored back to normal as soon as the Alternative Speed Limits get disabled.
Reason: It sometimes happens that we enable alternative global speed limits, and then forget about it unless we figure out later that the torrents are getting downloaded/seeded at slower speeds because the alternative limits are on. An upfront visual indication similar to the above suggestion might take care of this seemingly very common problem.

My apologies in advance in case such a feature is already in place, or is planned for a future release, or has been suggested already.

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