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Important Feature
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:10:54 am »
I see you already have this *Torrent content selection and prioritizing
the thing is this is only available when a torrent file is first ran, you can select which file you want etc...

The problem is once the torrent has started I don't see a way to go back to this file selection screen such as uTorrent has at the bottom half of the screen where you can click "Files" tab and select or deslect more files for downloads, only way would be to run the torrent file again each time which is very inconvenient.

This is especially important when your downloading a torrent of something like a TV series with multiple seasons and you want to download the episodes in order and check more and more of them off as they complete.

I also think a "force download" feature would be great for torrents usually the big slow ones you want to keep running outside of your main quenge, or say a new tv episode is released of small size and you want to get it quickly without the fuss of prioritizing your entire quenge.

Thanks for reading hope you can implement these they are simple and extremely useful!
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