Author Topic: Banned peers from corrupt data sending.  (Read 1656 times)


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Banned peers from corrupt data sending.
« on: January 25, 2011, 11:11:34 am »
Where can i find those IP addresses that are banned by qBittorrent and manage them? I've looked everywhere in the options of qBittorrents, and in:

C:Program FilesqBittorrent
C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataqBittorrent
C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataqBittorrent

but nowhere can i find a list where the IP addresses are stored so i can manage them. The only files that are somehow related to it and have banned peers codes in them are the fastresume files in C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataqBittorrent, but i cannot find a complete list with just IP addresses. Does anybody knows where this is stored and where i can find it?
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