Author Topic: recheck = problem  (Read 1203 times)


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recheck = problem
« on: February 02, 2011, 05:23:52 pm »
I updated to the latest version of qbit (2.6.4).
I still have the recheck bug, at least I consider it a bug, cause I don't know where the advantage of an obligatory recheck is, while on the
other hand it has major drawbacks.
Is there any option I can choose so it won't be necessary to do the recheck?
If I restart my PC and start up qbit it will always have lost all infos on the torrents thus I have to recheck before continuing to download/seed.
Utorrent never had this, and I dont know any other torrent client that needs to do this.
Either this recheck has to go, or qbit has to go, sry.

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