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suggestion|request|what have you
« on: February 03, 2011, 06:01:25 am »
First off, i'd like to say Hi. Nice client.
 The actual reason for this post however, is to ask if it is at all possible to compile qbittorrent's client with the libtorrent-0.12.6 library available from . The reason I ask is that over the years i've become quite an avid bittorrent enthusiast, however there is STILL no client that offers it all. Which is quite sad. Especially when you think of how long this stuff has been around for. For example, your client offers to 'require' encryption however, no specific options? By this I mean, like a simple drop down list for selecting said 'supported' encryption algorithms. It would at least be nice to know what encryption is actually being applied to said 'required encryption' , so what is it RC4, 128, 256, blowfish?????. That said, all encryption options should be available for both incoming as well as outgoing, which is something not currently available as an option in your client. A port range for incoming connections seperate from an outgoing port range option would also be nice for this client. I'd like to see a logging feature for this client, if at all possible. There is currently an option to permanently ban a peer, but it seems to apply only the single torrent highlighted in the torrents list, now given more control over who you allow to connect to you is important. More control over individual peers is needed for this client in my opinion. Oh,btw, how about a stop button? I mean there is a pause & resume, but no stop? Now don't get me wrong, I like this client. I'm just a little disappointed is all. I was using rtorrent & got kind of tired of using the same old thing, so i decided to make a quick search to see what has been developed. Well I was pleased to read about qbittorrent as utorrent is no longer an option. I run these clients under windows, so props to the windows port. Now rtorrent is a nice client also, simply due to its advanced features set, however, its very touchy nature & instability has pushed me to look for something new. That's where I hope you guys come in. If there was a way to harness the advanced features set of the libtorrent-0.12.6 library combined with a light weight open source windows gui client. It would wreak havoc across the bittorrent ecosphere. You want to take over utorrent's market share in the bittorrent world? Here you have some of my suggestions. Just my two cents worth.

Once again, nice client.
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Re: suggestion|request|what have you
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 05:29:05 pm »
qBittorrent uses libtorrent from rasterbar( I am not in any way connected to the developers of qbittorrent so I don't know what is their view on the things I am going to say. (I am just providing experimental build packages for windows link:

But I think it is a bad I idea to start developing for rakshasa's libtorrent. I think it would require a major rewrite, it would be time consuming and I don't think rakshasa's library is better than rasterbar's in terms of quality and performance. I almost certain that the features you request(separate port ranges, encryption selection etc) are already available through the rasterbar's libtorrent api but the devs of qbittorent have chosen NOT to expose them in the GUI. Probably they want to make a simple/sane and lightweight client which isn't bloated with hundreds of options. Or maybe they have planned these options but didn't have the time to implement them yet. Moreover, rasterbar's libtorrent is focused on portability and is under a BSD license but rakshasa's libtorrent is focused only on *nix systems and is licensed under GPL(not even LGPL).

So as I user, I say that I don't want them wasting time on porting qbittorrent to rakhasa's libtorrent. But I agree with you that some more API options should be exposed in the GUI. I would try to help implement more things, but the core developer seems to have gone missing from 23 Jan...

EDIT: Why do you need a stop button? Pause and stop are essentialy the same thing regarding torrents.
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