Author Topic: qBitTorrent will not quit unless forced, then cannot launch until restart  (Read 2936 times)


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I recently started using qBittorrent and am running into a few issues.
I thought it might be a hardware problem (I use Drobo drives, and they can have issues), but I have exactly the same problems on a 2012 15" MacBook Pro Retina using the internal SSD, so I write here.

Here is the issue:
- quite often (not always, but I cannot find a pattern), qBittorrent refuses to quit (I waited over 10 minutes) when I try to quit it,
- force quitting qBittorrent works,
- if I try to relaunch qBittorrent, its icon bounces in the dock for a long time, then looks as if qBittorrent was launched, but the app does not work)
- if I disconnect the drive used for downloading torrents (physically unplugging it, which I can only do with the external Drobos connected to my Mac mini, but of course not with the MBP's SSD), I can then launch qBittorrent
- if I restart the Mac, it works fine again. For a time :-(

This is both with qBittorrent 3.1.3 and 3.1.8, on OS X 10.9.2 Macs.
I use a SOCKS5 proxy and have a quite fast internet connection (200Mbps down, 10Mbps up).

I'd like to help solve this and would be glad to provide necessary info/logs/test results.


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Just FYI using torrents saving to SSD is very bad for the life of the drive and probably slower, I would recommend an external drive to write to.


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Whether it is uTorrent or qBittorrent, they will hang around for a while when they are quit by user. I suppose there are many peer connections (always more than 100 in my case) made to the application during execution and these connections must be terminated properly before the application can really retire (these connections have varied bandwidth and latency from slowest to fastest). Thus be patient and give them more waiting time before the attempt to force quit. Force quitting in Mac OS X is just like kill command in Unix, it will always work as long as you have the right execution permission.

To hasten the quit process, perhaps you can set the limit on number of connections in qBittorrent's settings. Beware that fewer peer connections also means slower downloading bandwidth as peer-to-peer network is built on principle of give-and-take (the more you give the more you take and conversely true for less). If your firewall and network address translation in router have been set up properly to allow incoming peer connections through opened ports, number of connections as well as downloading bandwidth can be doubled. To confirm that the application is waiting to terminate many connections during quit process, pause all active transfers (key combination: command+shift+p) before quitting the application and the effect should be immediate termination of execution.

As for the fact that frequent updates will shorted life span of solid-state drive (it has fixed number of write cycles to determine its life span), increase parameter "Disk write cache size" (under Preferences > Advanced) to reduce write frequency when your ram memory is big enough to accommodate. I set to 400 MB (with 16 GB memory space) even though I am using LaCie 2big external Thunderbolt drive for all downloaded files.