Author Topic: Proxy leaks vs OpenVPN on router  (Read 992 times)


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Proxy leaks vs OpenVPN on router
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:45:52 pm »
Hello All,

I thought that I had secured my data pretty well as I am paying for a private VPN to ensure all data leaving my machines is encrypted. However due to the slowdown that occurs while using a VPN for gaming and other things I opted to use just a proxy connection on QBittorrent I wanted to know if there is anyway to test for leaks. I downloaded the torrent from and it does show my proxy setting but I want to ensure that I have all the settings correct on my client to ensure that there is no alternate ways for this application to leak my IP.

Can you suggest
 #1 the recommended settings
#2 any other tests to ensure that I'm fully protected

I know that using OpenSSL on my router is the only 100% way unless the VPN connection drops without me knowing (which is very possible since I would never know unless I went to a site like what's my ip.

Is there any way to address the above and keep my gaming speeds at best possible latencies?


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