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Scheduler and file selection
« on: March 29, 2011, 02:34:17 pm »

Firstly I'd like to say qBit is awesome. Second, I'd like to say that the other 'lite' torrent client rival's recent aggressive change to a commercial piggybacking bastard opens up an excellent opportunity for qBit to take over, as I can no longer perform silent install of the rival's software, and their update feature brings with it the commercial crap questions each time... it's not a good thing for them, but an excellent opportunity for you guys.

Anyway, you might consider changing:
- The scheduler: at the moment there is an 'alternative speed limit' option, but it could do with a re-face. The rival's calendar style version can be a little overwhelming, but it offers greater control. For example, at the moment I can't simply set a no transfer option (the minimum speed is 1kb/s) for during the day and then kick in at night on weekdays, and then unlimited during the weekend.

And the next 3 you should maybe consider changing the default options:
- Default download location (on Windows 7) is userdocumentsdownloads but should be userdownloads, because the default download location for browsers such as firefox are to this directory, and new users will wonder where the hell their downloaded stuff is going. For anyone with a clue they could figure this out pretty easily (and change it), but if you want a greater chunk of the population to be happy with qBit then that's my suggestion.

- Confirm download of entire contents of torrent (or choose select files). As soon as a torrent is selected, by default it seems everything is getting downloaded, not a problem... unless you want a subset of a 40GB torrent! A whole bunch of files get wacked onto the drive until you go deselect them (and then they get moved into the '.unwanted' folder and continue taking up space, if pre-allocated is selected). I know it's an easy option to change, but as before, people moving over from the rival might miss the 'contents' tab down the bottom and won't like downloading stuff without getting shown an overview first.

-Preallocate files should be selected by default. If files are pre-allocated disk defrag tools won't perform nightmares on hard disks to clean up the mess torrents can make. The default cache is 16MB which is great but that's a small number if huge torrents are shuffled about. Think big.

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