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Add Advanded search, autosearch and autodownload results



I recently started using the RSS download function and I got little bit disappointed. Most trackers only offer last 20 or 50 torrents, and depending on the tracker and category that can be just a couple hours or less! So, the only way to relay on this system is to have the computer be permanently turned on or find rss to searches, like EZTV.

Then I thought that the search function could work as an alternative, as it is possible to find the files even if they are very old.

Basically the idea would be to implement this steps:
-Search therm periodically (choosing filters search pluging/tracker and user when possible)
-Filter the results as is currently done with the RSS
-Auto-download the files or show them for manual download

This could be even better if the search function could read the release date and order the files and adding intelligent chapter download as uTorrent has.

Would be great to see this in the future (or something better!) but still great job with the program.


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