Author Topic: "Resume all" problem and why Stop would be helpful  (Read 789 times)


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"Resume all" problem and why Stop would be helpful
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:15:14 pm »
Using qB again and like it, it's been greatly improved. After a quick search, it seems 'Pause' is considered the same as 'Stop'. However, if I manually Pause one or more torrents, and then Resume All from the tray icon (Windows version) everything starts, including the torrents I manually "stopped". So clearly, Pause is not Stop and a Stop option (or Disable etc.) would be really nice to have.


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Re: "Resume all" problem and why Stop would be helpful
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2015, 05:58:22 pm »
Small explanation:

Pause = Stop in qBittorrent. If you choose to ''Resume all'' then everything will be resumed, even the ones you paused manually. There is no ''middle'' option like a temporarly pause thing or a hang moment. There won't be any too.

I hoped that this wouldn't be discussed again but ciao was right :P. Here is the official topic for this if you want to read through it:,2666.0.html

What is the difference between these two like uTorrent has?

- Pause doesn't report a stop event to the tracker and keeps a bunch of peer connections open doing nothing at all. So everyone connects but are getting nothing from you.
- Stop will stop the selected torrent job(s). All connections with peers are dropped.

As sledge said:
You tell the swarm "hey guys I am available for uploading these X pieces and I am available for downloading these Y piecese." Then the peers connect to you thinking that transfer is going to happen but they get ZERO traffic. These clogs up their connection limits and doesn't let them contribute to other peers. It is a kind of DOS attack on your part. Of course, eventually those peers will drop the connection with you and put you in their snub/ban list. But altogether this behavior is harmful to the swarm.

And why the hell do you need such a feature? In my experience, qbt in 2-3 seconds has made connections to the first peers. And then after maybe 10seconds the speed either has increased greatly(and keeps increasing) or already qbt has reached top speed. The numbers will be off with torrents that have crappy health but for the majority of torrent out there this is the norm.

uTorrent intentionally removed this button from the toolbar also since v3.4. They should have their reasons for this also.

Im locking this topic. Any other discussions related to pause/stop will be removed.
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