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Chrome browser app version
« on: September 02, 2011, 10:01:03 AM »
I have just proved the offline gmail chrome application, awesome.
I watched the chrome app catalog, and I missed Accounting and Torrent apps.
I think Chrome OS will success, but, even if it does not, Chrome/ium browser apps rocks.

PS: Some RSS feeds and p2p filters should be configured by default.


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Re: Chrome browser app version
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2011, 01:18:17 AM »
Moved the topic, since I guess it belongs to Cafe Lounge instead of "Suggestions".

So far my opinion was: Chrome is a crap. A piece of crap, made from a perfect software (webkit).
They added some buttons, gave it a huge marketing, *DANG* Chrome is done.

When they actually started to work on features like the webRequest API, I thought ... hey, they are working on something finally. But. First, they set the milestone to 12. Then 13, then 14, and now it's at M16 if I remember clearly. I know it's a huge work (so to say? If I look at the changelog/patches ... well...), but still. I think a native resource filter/block feature would be crucial for a modern browser.

The second thing I dislike about Chrome is that they are like Ubuntu. They use a source ... something to build up their stuff. HOWEVER, they don't give back. They don't help upstream, won't send patches, etc. Why? I don't get it. Google is a HUGE company, they have the manpower, the money. They could simply fix up the existing webkit bugs that are blocking the biggest improvements Chrome ever seen since version 2-3. And no. They just mark the bugs as webkit bugs, and that's it. I don't get it.

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