Author Topic: Restarting the seeding of a completed torrent instead begins redownloading?  (Read 252 times)


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New to qBittorrent, refugee from close to 8 years with uTorrent and several more before that with Azureus/Vuze.

Using my laptop on my home wireless network I have my downloads go to a networked drive that is in fact an external connected to a desktop elsewhere in the house, on the home network. No big deal; works fine. Usually once torrents are completed I will eventually transfer the torrent files to the desktop then continue permanent seeding from there.

My issue: There are times that the laptop sleeps, thus severing the networked drives' connections. When the laptop awakes and qBittorent figures out the connection to the networked drive has not yet been made, it errors out. So far that's not unusual; same thing happens with uTorrent. Trouble is, once the drive is mounted and I then select torrent(s) and "Force resume" qB starts downloading! If I instead do a rehash, it does that fine but still starts downloading once I choose to resume. In the same situation uTorrent just starts seeding.

Sure do hope I'm doing something stupid and so is easily fixable. If this is qB's expected behavior does anyone have a workaround?