Author Topic: Set location of incomplete torrent  (Read 254 times)


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Set location of incomplete torrent
« on: July 15, 2017, 05:35:45 AM »
I'd like a way to explicitly change the location of an "incomplete" torrent while the "keep incomplete torrents in . . ." option is selected. At the moment, right-click -> Set location... only changes the location that the torrent will be moved to once it's complete; I want a straight override for the location. Just move it there instantly, now, then leave it there once it's done.

So far, the only solution I've found for this is to turn the incomplete-torrent option off, delete and restart the torrent, change-location, then turn the option back on. This is obviously not ideal :)

Am I missing something, or is this just a feature that is not yet implemented?