Author Topic: PSA: If you did not receive a mail after registration - try again  (Read 23 times)


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We had a bit of a hiccup recently. Or rather, Gmail had it with us.
Just a week or so ago we have enabled full http/2 and IPv6 support on all our sites (forums, main, builds).
Everything went smooth, until today I received a mail from a kind user - telling me he did not receive the registration email.

I was baffled because the queue was empty - telling our mails did go out. So ... if they go out, where do they end up?
Sent a mail to "", and again 9/10 score. Yay. But then no mails for users? Nay?

Started digging logs focusing and Gmail and there it was. Turns out if you have no ipv6:.. SPF record published, Gmail will eat your mail.
So I corrected our record and we are all good.
Thanks for your understanding and feel free to email me (my address is at the top of the forums) if something like this happens again.
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