Author Topic: Destination Folders re-creation  (Read 1115 times)


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Destination Folders re-creation
« on: November 15, 2011, 07:39:48 PM »
I really appreciate your tool!
But I found a bug feature that makes me really out of mind!
If I add a torrent and then accidentially delete the folders where the tool intends to download to, it nuzzles into the non-existing folder
and yells that I/O error occured and 'I cant find the path to download'.
The folder is created once when the torrent is added, and later the program becomes completely helpless to re-create it.
uTorrent in such a case just silently creates the folder again.
It would be very useful to add such simple action as re-creation of the destination folder if it lacks.
Thank you!
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