Author Topic: How can I get qBittorrent search to work with Private Internet Access (VPN)  (Read 1182 times)


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I'm trying to use qBittorrent with my VPN, Private Internet Access, and it seems the qBittorrent search engine isn't working anymore. It used to work just fine before I upgraded to High Sierra, but now when I try to search with PIA on, I get no results.

The torrents themselves seem to work fine though, and the search engine works when I disconnect from PIA, so I know it works sometimes.

Is there a setting I can use to fix this?  I have UPnP / NAT-PMP unchecked, DHT unchecked, PeX unchecked, LPD unchecked, anonymous mode checked, and encryption set to "prefer encryption."  My advanced settings are all the defaults.

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