Author Topic: Make "Select All" only select what is filtered in the filtered files search box  (Read 309 times)


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I just came across a torrent with a few hundred subfolders, each of them containing some large files and a few small .txt files, and it's only the small .txt-files I'm interested in downloading. Currently I can't find any way to easily select only those files for download. qbittorrent displays the whole folder structure in the content list, so it's impossible to get a file list and then sort files according to size or even better file type, so the important files are adjacent in the list and can be selected easily. The file filter allows for only the files I'm interested in to be visible, but it's impossible to actually select only them. Trying to click/shift-click and highlight all rows and then click a file checkbox also gets all subfolders to be checked, and with that all content selected as well. Clicking "Select All" selects everything. Duh.

Suggested behavior is that the "Select All"-button only checks the files that are matched by the filter for the content view. Alternatively, to be fully covered (as I see that the view filter works on folders as well as files), there must be two select-buttons - one for selecting all folders that match the filter, and one for selecting all matching files. That would be quite neat, actually.

Using qbittorrent 4.0.3

edit: I  just saw that feature requests should go to github, sorry...
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