Author Topic: Share Ratio Limiting: Add "and" option so quantity *AND* time are considered  (Read 326 times)


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Just made the switch from uTorrent to qBitorrent 4.0.4 and it's great, except 1 thing that would make it perfect for me:

- Currently, the "Share Ratio limiting" takes action if 1 of the the 2 rules are met: Ratio *OR* time. This is not suitable for seeding on private trackers that requires both a minimum seeding time *AND* a minimum share ratio. In this example, I need to seed for at least 8 hours AND share 100% ratio. When the 8 hours is reached, the share is usually no where near 100% ratio. So currently qBittorrent stops my torrents after 8 hours, despite not having shared 100% and this is a problem. More rarely, I could reach 100% ratio well before 8 hours and the torrent would also stop, which is also a problem.

- What is needed is for the 2 rules to be met before the action of pausing or deleting the torrent is taken. A simple fix would be to add a "AND" option between Ratio and time. Until this is implemented, I must manually validate each torrent seeding time VS their ratio and manually edit them and restart them until both rules are met, which is a pain.       


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