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former utorrent user


hi i recently found malware on utorrent which i have been using for a decade
i want to switch to qbittorrrent but am not sure of the safety factor
i dont know much but is it possible for anyone to hack into my computer through qbittorrent since it is open sourced and updated by volunteers?

I'd take a wild guess and say that qBittorrent is, concerning security flaws, safer than nowadays uTorrent-versions.

Plus it's open-source, so if you find any security flaw and can provide a fix for it, it will be published sooner than for e.g. uTorrent. Remember that they took months to bring out a 'fix' for the most recent security flaw, and had to patch it again [source].

Finally, the safety factor depends much on you - e.g. what you download, what you install ...

thank you!
its just movies and tv shows



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