Author Topic: Seed all .torrents in folder on new qB install  (Read 431 times)


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Seed all .torrents in folder on new qB install
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:06:52 am »
I have just installed qB 4.4.1 on a new W10 system. I have attached a USB hard disk which I used on another system with 4.4.1 and W10.
The layout is:
F:\QBittorrent contains files and folders of content.
F:\QBittorrent\torrent contains the .torrent files retained after download
I have a couple of hundred "collectors"/"rare" media objects which I have been seeding (with limited upload bandwidth and slots, but prefer to "give back")
But the File/Add torrent file menu only offers a file selection dialog which accepts one .torrent file at a time. I have tested that this is accepted, is checked, and starts seeding and uploading.
However I want to do the entire collection folder, not one at a time.
The FAQ mentions "How do I import my torrents from another BitTorrent client?" and "Edit the download path in the torrent addition dialog" but I do not see this dialog.
Help please.  :-\