Author Topic: qBittorrent w/Radarr - download paths not working  (Read 279 times)


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qBittorrent w/Radarr - download paths not working
« on: June 15, 2018, 02:32:01 AM »
I'm using qBittorrent with Radarr and I can't seem to get qBittorrent to download the files to the paths I set in Radarr.
In qBittorrent I set the default download path to PATHX and in Radarr I set all the files to be downloaded/saved to PATHY.

Is there a magic process to this? It seems like it'd be straight forward, but it's not working.
Is there a troubleshoot LOG that can turned on or viewed in qBittorrent to show if it's even getting the instructions from Radarr?

I have the execute log turned on, but it doesn't show a command/setting from Radarr on saving the file to PATHY.

Thanks in advance...