Author Topic: qBittorrent says 100% complete, file on PC still has !qB extension (incomplete  (Read 455 times)


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downloading large files to RAID NAS. 500MB up to 80GB file sizes. Single files. qBittorrent 4.1.1, internet speed 150-250 Mbps. Most, but not all of these large files fail to be "completed" on the PC running up to date Win 10. qBittorrent says torrent is 100% complete, but file on PC still has the temporary file extension .!qB   Even after and hour, the PC file still has the .!qB extension. Rechecking the file usually fixes this on the first try and the torrent completes without the .!qB temporary extension. But rechecking files this large takes a LONG TIME. This happened with the previous release once in a while, but i dont remember it happening 2 versions ago (I am only using stable releases and update when new versions are available. Is this a bug, a setting problem, or something else.

sorry if this has been asked before, half a dozen searches with different words didn't turn up any useful results.