Author Topic: Torrent client that support importing settings/torrent list from qbittorrent?  (Read 579 times)


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Do you know any tool or torrent client that allows importing qbt settings, torrent list? At least basic things.
Problem can be that some torrent payload files are renamed and some torrents share same payload files.

i want to try something else until i buy faster CPU as currently usage is 20-35% (2014 i5-4**), though qbt remains my favorite client.

In the meantime, maybe i will end up manually adding top seeded torrents into alternative torrent client (maybe koinonein, tixati or transmission) .. and from time to time run & update qbt to see progress.
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I believe the CPU load seems high only because the CPU uses speedstep.
Change your Windows power profile to High Performance and then you can see the real CPU load by qBittorrent. :)

ie.: If your PC has no load, it will scale down the CPU. Like to 800mhz. Now, with 800mhz, even small tasks count and result in a higher load. But if you go to normal proper speeds, it will show as just a 5% load or something. To be fair, there is really no faster client out there. GUI wise uTorrent is native compared to Qt in qBittorrent, but GUI is not updated all that often IMO. And the core is C++ for both.
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