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New user, some suggestions
« on: August 25, 2010, 11:06:57 pm »
Hello, I'm a fresh new user, as I just discovered this client after a certain music tracker added it to it's whitelist. So far I have to say I'm really impressed ! You guys really did a great job. In the past I've used azureus, utorrent, deluge, transmission, rtorrent and each left me a little unsatisfied for their own reasons... So far the best contender was utorrent for it's amazing stability, but the lack of crucial features combined with asshole developers hanging to their closed code keeps me searching for something new to take the place. If qbittorrent can manage to have the FOSS and active development like deluge but with utorrent's stability, I think you guys have a really bright future ahead.

After reading some posts I understand you are open to suggestions and I see they are added at an impressive rate so here are some of my thoughts:
-The major feature missing in utorrent is automatic labeling of torrents based on tracker address or possibly other criterias, it would be great if qbittorrent could have that.
-I would also like to be able to make my brother a simple icon for his desktop for him to pause/resume the torrents, in order to do that, I think the best way would be to have access to console commands to control the client.
-Some people might like to have the ability to stop torrents, where connections to peers are closed, as opposed to pause where you keep all the connections but stop the file transfering.
-Lastly, this is more a superficial feature but it would be nice if a speed graph tab could be added, just like in utorrent.

If I come up with more suggestions I'll make sure to post them here.
Thanks a lot for the hard work that is put into this !

ps: If I might add, the confirmation email sent for forum registration didn't pass gmail's spam filter :(
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Re: New user, some suggestions
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2010, 10:32:04 am »
I like the labeling on a per-tracker basis suggestion. Graphs may also be useful (they were to me at some point).
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Re: New user, some suggestions
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2010, 08:30:02 pm »
* Pause vs Stop
You might be a former uTorrent user :) Truth is that the qBittorrent pausing is the same as the uTorrent stopping. qBittorrent closes connections to peers when pausing a torrent. I could have called it "Stop" but I preferred Pause/Resume then "Stop/Start". Now, you may ask for a "real" pausing feature then. However, I don't really see the point for most users and it makes the interface look more complicated.

* Speed graphs
I personally don't want to implement it but I said in the past that I would integrate it if someone would implement it as a plugin (That users could enable only if wanted).
It makes software heavier and brings little to the user (in my opinion). Just so you know, the qBittorrent MacOS packager volunteered to implement this some time ago ( However, I have no idea how close he is to complete it. You should probably remind him. He might be slightly more motivated if he realizes that some users are waiting on him ;)

* Automatic labeling of torrents
That's an excellent idea, I had never thought about it. I would be willing to implement it in a future release. However, you should probably file a report there to make sure I don't forget (The forum is not a good place for me to keep track of bugs/feature requests):
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Re: New user, some suggestions
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2011, 03:53:24 pm »
Does stop function send stop-query to tracker? I see, that it doesn't. My downloads are still displaying on tracker, such as I pause this torrent in uTorrent.

IMHO "stop/start" names are better :)
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