Author Topic: Jackett search plugin installs itself when I click "Check for updates"  (Read 308 times)


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Since 4.1.4 (version may be related, or it may be a timing coincidence), whenever I click "Check for updates" on the Search Plugin window, it installs the Jackett search plugin. I've never installed this plugin myself, and even after uninstalling it, whenever I check for updates it reinstalls itself!

Setup: qB 4.1.4 x64 on Windows 10 1809 (17763.167) with python 3.7.1

1. Go to Search tab
2. Click on 'Search plugins' button bottom right corner
3. Click 'Check for update' button

Result: Jackett search plugin v2.0 gets installed

The log file records:
Code: [Select]
1/12/2018 4:29 PM - Plugin "jackett" is outdated, updating to version 2.0
If you right-click on it and uninstall, and then repeat the above steps, it comes right back!

Github issue raised here -
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