Author Topic: Files erroring and rechecking  (Read 285 times)


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Files erroring and rechecking
« on: December 07, 2018, 05:29:42 pm »
i absolutely love the labeling system for qbit with auto management based on labels as it cuts my effort put into torrenting massively. I currently have over 40tb of data split across 3 raid arrays and ~2k torrents, but i keep having a recurring problem anytime my vpn goes down. Which is rare to be honest but a huge pain in the ass when it does happen as at least 200+ torrents end up getting put into the downloading category and another 50+ end up in the errored category and then i need to recheck the files and bog down my arrays with first recheck then if i dont catch it fast enough moving the files back to a separate array if they get moved due to being labeled as incomplete and being moved into the temp folder.

so my question is is there either a way to auto recheck a file whenever it errors or pops up into the "downloads" category or to switch a file to manual mode once its done being downloaded the first time to prevent it being moved back to the temp folder whenever this happens