Author Topic: How to refresh a completed Search?  (Read 1210 times)


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How to refresh a completed Search?
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:37:12 am »
I started using the torrent Search feature of qB quite a bit of late (especially with the Jackett plugin which is awesome).

My question is: after a Search is complete, is there any way to "refresh" a Search?

It is great that qB keeps a tab for each Search but right now, the only way I can see to re-perform a Search using the same search criteria is to perform a new one which requires me to re-type the search criteria which then opens a new tab.

Assuming I haven't missed something obvious, a feature I'd love to see added is the ability to "Refresh" a Search tab using the same criteria. If this is not currently possible please let me know and I'll raise a feature req in Github.
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