Author Topic: Can't visit due to old HSTS record; forum yr. sec. Q out-of-date  (Read 419 times)

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It's currently impossible to visit the website in Firefox over SSL if you've visited it in the past (yesterday it wasn't possible to visit it at all, since there was no site content if you used "http://" rather than "https://").  The SSL certificate is only valid for, yet the site does an immediate redirect to  On top of that, the old (but still persisting, due to a long expiration being used) HSTS record for the site told browsers that it's only possible to visit the site using the URL  In such a situation, Firefox (grr!) doesn't give the user any override option.  The only way to visit the site is to quit Firefox, go to your profile directory, edit the SiteSecurityServiceState.txt file, remove the line for, restart the browser, and then once the HSTS record is gone, you're allowed to override the non-matching certificate error.

Also, the forum software asks you "What yr it is now (in numbers ofc)?" when registering or posting, but the answer is not up-to-date.  It requires you to answer "2018" rather than "2019".  And "it is" should be "is it".

Danke schoen.
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