Author Topic: How to move/copy the .torrent file in the top folder of the torrent?  (Read 264 times)


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I’d like to keep the .torrent file in their respective folder, instead than one location. The goal would be to start a download, and Qbittorrent would automatically copy the .torrent file in the top folder of that download.[/font]
The final result would be:[/font]

Top Folder[/font]
-file 1.jpg [/font]
-file 2.dmg[/font]
-file 3.txt [/font]
-Top Folder.torrent (copied by qbittorrent)[/font]
I’m guessing a script is what I need, but some help would be appreciated[/font]
I’m on 4.1.6 , the build with the 5.12.3 qt library [/font]