Author Topic: qBittorrent failed listening on interface port: TCP/45433  (Read 225 times)


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I have the problem on the Mac, that after restart qBittorrent I get the error:

qBittorrent failed listening on interface port: TCP/45433. Reason: Address already in use.

What can I do? After restart the computer it is solved. But there must be an other solution.
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Re: qBittorrent failed listening on interface port: TCP/45433
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 09:23:11 PM » is basically shorthand for "any available interface." I assume in your example that is your internal IP address from your local access point, router, etc. Those connections in CLOSE_WAIT state are remote clients that didn't play nicely with the TCP rules, and haven't closed their end of the connection when your client asked them to, so the OS is following the rules and waiting for them to time out, which can take a while.

Try using the option to start listening on a different random port for each startup. That way those old connections can time out in the background while you get back up and running.

One other thing to try, it's possible that it's actually qBittorrent that's hung waiting for those connections to close. Try Ctrl-Option-Esc and see if it's still running. If it is, try forcing it to quit, then run netstat again.