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« on: June 13, 2019, 08:41:58 am »

I have been testing out qbittorrent for some time now, needing a replacement for utorrent. There are some huge issues for me and I hope that they can be fixed in the future as I think others might have a problem with these also. There are mainly things that happens between launches of the program and makes it very hard to organize my torrents.
- Torrents get missing from the program. I need to get to reload them from disk to continue downloading/seeding them.
- Reordering of the index of torrents. Whenever I restart my torrent list is reordered in a random order.
- Added on date is replaced with last load time on several occasions. Last time I ran qbittorrent about 10% of my torrents added on date were replaced.

I experienced total wipe out of torrent list, tags, ..., but I think that was due to low disk space. It would be nice if qbittorrent didn't overwrite last session info but wrote a new file so it could reuse last session if something went wrong during current session.