Author Topic: peer connections log? and general logging while at that  (Read 496 times)


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peer connections log? and general logging while at that
« on: June 24, 2019, 10:14:50 AM »

is there any way to log peers in qbittorrent? I was looking at a peer list on some private tracker, waiting for someone to finish a download before I take the system down and I noticed peers with 0% download appearing and disappearing from the peer lists.

I blocked one and below one minute a whole block appeared and connected and then vanished, then a single one connected back like 30 seconds later and guess what, it was one of the IPs from the block.

I am suspecting that someone is doing surveillance on that tracker and I will find a way to block them but in order to do this I need a log of peers and the amount of stuff they have downloaded in order to ascertain a pattern and create a ban file.

is there any way of having such a log in qbittorrent, windows version? and while on the subject, is there any way to enable more advanced logging? like connection logging for example, there are situations where qbittorrent seems to run in some hardcoded tracker connection limits where it will refuse to connect to the trackers of new torrents. As it stands now, the log is pretty much useless unless a forensics agency gets their hand on it and can tie your IP address to the list of torrents in there.