Author Topic: Slow/Throttling Upload / Crazy Fast Download (Screens Attached)  (Read 222 times)


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Hi guys,

I really love qBittorrent and that's what keeps me around :) With the same desktop computer, 600/50 mbit wired broadband, same Win10 OS, etc. I unfortunately not get anything close to my stated upload speed qBittorrent - as I do with uTorrent. The Download Speed is excellent with both clients.

Could anyone of you guys help me find the solution? It must be a settings issue.

Here's my router setup. I haven't done anything manually since "UPnP IGd" seems to works just fine (qBittorrent creates its own port forwarding rule).

Here are some setting pages:

I've tried to do some troubleshooting on my own:
- Disabled uTP and only using TCP (a couple of posts stating that uTP might throttle speed)
- Disabled Local Peer Discovery (I'm not in a big LAN)

So to sum it up: Excellent Speed while downloading. Uploading reaches near my potential speed for a second or two, but then turns down to about 1/35 of my real capacity.

Desktop Setup:

AMD Ryzen 2600X
16GB Ram
2060 RTX
SSD 500GB + 2TB 3.5"

Wired to Router. Router Wired to FTTH.