Author Topic: How to utilize Xbox Play Anywhere on my PC.  (Read 51 times)


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How to utilize Xbox Play Anywhere on my PC.
« on: September 07, 2019, 02:15:12 pm »
So Microsoft has the whole “Xbox play anywhere” thing going on where if you get games for Xbox you’re supposed to be able to play them on Microsoft Windows PCs as well. Basically my question is how to do this? I’ve always used the same Microsoft account for my Xbox and for my windows. I’m signed into the same account on the windows store and on the Xbox App on my PC. Yet I go to the store and I says I need to purchase forza horizon 4 for $60, right next to where it says “Xbox Play Anywhere”. I have a Force feedback steering wheel with pedals and a shifter which all work on the Xbox but I want to try the game on PC and see how good it looks on there. (Plus it’s way more convenient for me to plug it into my PC). Also, upon further investigation it seems that (at least when this option first came out) you had to install windows 10 anniversary edition for it to work, but now I’ve seen in multiple forums that since version 1607, this has been integrated into the default windows 10 updates so I’m back to square one, wondering why this doesn’t work.