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Windows / Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Kay on Today at 12:35:42 PM »
Details/info: qBittorrent v.4.1.1, Windows 10 64-bit desktop, Ethernet connection, Linksys Router X6200, VPN (PIA).
I reside in Thailand and for optimal download/upload speed am using Singapore or Hong Kong server; PIA does not support/provide port-forwarding for these servers.

My download sources are generally public trackers such as RARBG, EZTV or 1337x for downloading mainly TV shows.

I used the 'speed test website by Ookla': The average Download speed:30.26Mbps/8=3.78mb/s and Upload speed:7.04Mbps/8=0.88mb/s.

qBittorrent is configured as follows:
. Enabled protocol: TCP and uTP (choosing TCP only will render the 'Connection Status' as 'No Direct Connections'.
. Port for incoming connection:51375
. Global max number of connections:100 (reduced from 1200)
. Global max number of connections per torrent:80 (reduced from 288)
. Global max number of upload slots:7
. Max number of upload slots per torrent:7
. Upload: 840 KiB/s (880-40=840)
. Download: 3024 KiB/s (3780/100*80=3024)
. Max active downloads:4
. Max active uploads:3
. Max active torrents:5
. Max numbers of half-open connection:10
No changes made to all other settings.

Please note:
.Port 51375 (for incoming connections). During the download process, acccording to "netstat -a" under Active Connections, the State of TCP is LISTENING.
Shouldn't this port show ESTABLISHED?

Also, during downloading process I tested numerous other ports with 'CanYouSeeMe' but they all refused/failed to connect.

. In Linksys router, the UPnP Media Server is DISABLED and under Advanced features UPnP is DISABLED also.

The erratic download behavior started when upgrading from v3.3.16 to newer versions.
I tried tweaking all settings for many months now and am at wit's end.

. (I observed--->DHT:340 to 376 nodes).

Removing qB completely and reinstalling does not change the behavior.

Although the downloading process is temperamental, the torrents are downloading relatively fast.

I kindly request assistance to mitigate the erratic download behavior, thanks.
Suggestions / [Feature Request] Rename torrent while adding it
« Last post by issun on Today at 06:39:12 AM »
Can we please have a feature added so that when we are adding a torrent we can also rename the name of the torrent?
Linux / Where is Administration ??
« Last post by Pavlosmga on Today at 04:46:54 AM »
Where is moderator??
It is about advertisement on your website.
Windows / Weird issue with Queuing
« Last post by thekingswolf on Today at 02:29:21 AM »
qBittorrent is being super weird for me lately.  running v4.1.1.  I have Maximum active downloads set to 2.  When i que up a bunch of torrents, normally 2 will download and the rest will just say Queued.  but now when it starts downloading, it lasts for a few seconds, then goes stalled, then goes to Queued again and stays there.  I have to Force Resume to get them to work.  I am also having another issue that might be related, and it's so strange.  Files are downloading to like 99.9% and then stalling.  If i reboot the computer and reload qbittorrent, the file in question immediately downloads the rest of the way and finishes.  Without rebooting, it totally messes with my other listings.  It stays at stalled, and I think it's taking up a spot in the Que.  If i force resume, the download speed is at 0, and another file also starts at the same time.  If i resume it normally, it stalls and the other file stops. 

I made a video of it happening.

thoughts?  ideas?
Windows / qbittorrent only launches when I run as administrator
« Last post by danielsuarez369 on Today at 01:35:49 AM »
And I feel like it's insecure, tried updating but it's already on the latest version
Windows / Re: I/O error
« Last post by cybermcm on June 18, 2018, 01:12:14 PM »
Thank you for this information. I hope that this bug gets resolved soon, it's annoying (at least for me). After every reboot my torrents are broken... Currently switching to Āµtorrent for the time...
But I'll watch closely every version and test...
Windows / Re: I/O error
« Last post by Mike_EE on June 18, 2018, 12:36:57 PM »
These I/O issues seem to be caused by one or more bugs in libtorrent, which have developer attention and are being addressed:
Windows / Re: I need to change 500 tracker URL at the same time
« Last post by Switeck on June 18, 2018, 09:58:05 AM »
Something like this?:
"[Wishlist] qbittorrent "add a new tracker" not functioning for ALL highlighted/selected torrents"

Similar request:

...Doesn't seem to be implemented yet. :(
qBittorrent version: v4.1.1 (64-bit)
Libtorrent version:
Qt version: 5.10.1
Boost version: 1.67.0
OS version: Windows 10 (10.0) 10.0.16299 x86_64

Caught signal: SIGABRT
#  0 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71a621e5a straceWin::getBacktrace()[ app\stacktrace_win.h : 213 ]
#  1 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71a6255d1 sigAbnormalHandler(signum)[ app\main.cpp : 312 ]
#  2 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b1f7909 raise(signum)[ minkernel\crts\ucrt\src\appcrt\misc\signal.cpp : 541 ]
#  3 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b1fd728 abort()[ minkernel\crts\ucrt\src\appcrt\startup\abort.cpp : 64 ]
#  4 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b03d66a qFormatLogMessage()
#  5 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b03b0e1 QMessageLogger::fatal()
#  6 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aaafe78 QEventDispatcherWin32::qt_metacall()
#  7 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aaaff1d QWindowsNativeImage::QWindowsNativeImage()
#  8 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aa610d3 QWindowsBackingStore::resize()
#  9 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ae22239 QBackingStore::resize()
# 10 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ad293bb QWidgetBackingStore::doSync()
# 11 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ad28f0c QWidgetBackingStore::sync()
# 12 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ab7672f QWidgetPrivate::syncBackingStore()
# 13 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71acfc053 QWidgetWindow::handleExposeEvent()
# 14 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71acfa04e QWidgetWindow::event()
# 15 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ab6f6ab QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper()
# 16 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ab6f04a QApplication::notify()
# 17 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71a619128 Application::notify(receiver, event)[ app\application.cpp : 609 ]
# 18 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b059ab3 QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2()
# 19 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71adcb67f QGuiApplicationPrivate::processExposeEvent()
# 20 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71adc7965 QGuiApplicationPrivate::processWindowSystemEvent()
# 21 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ae3b552 QWindowSystemInterface::sendWindowSystemEvents()
# 22 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71ae3b3bf QWindowSystemInterface::flushWindowSystemEvents()
# 23 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aa6bc96 QWindowsWindow::handleWmPaint()
# 24 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aa7396c QWindowsContext::windowsProc()
# 25 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aa747e0 qWindowsWndProc()
# 26 USER32.dll           0x00007ffa214db85d CallWindowProcW()
# 27 USER32.dll           0x00007ffa214db54c CallWindowProcW()
# 28 USER32.dll           0x00007ffa214f19c3 GetTopWindow()
# 29 ntdll.dll            0x00007ffa23ea3d44 KiUserCallbackDispatcher()
# 30 win32u.dll           0x00007ffa20b21744 NtUserDispatchMessage()
# 31 USER32.dll           0x00007ffa214db272 DispatchMessageW()
# 32 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b140dc9 QEventDispatcherWin32::processEvents()
# 33 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71aaafc81 QWindowsGuiEventDispatcher::processEvents()
# 34 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b1448f8 QEventLoop::exec()
# 35 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b059fbd QCoreApplication::exec()
# 36 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71a62549b main(argc, argv, argv)[ app\main.cpp : 263 ]
# 37 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b1e8e1b WinMain()
# 38 qbittorrent.exe      0x00007ff71b1eeea6 __scrt_common_main_seh()[ f:\dd\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl : 283 ]
# 39 KERNEL32.DLL         0x00007ffa21381fe4 BaseThreadInitThunk()
# 40 ntdll.dll            0x00007ffa23e6cb31 RtlUserThreadStart()

Generic / Re: "Checking resume data" when adding a torrent
« Last post by Adsixnine on June 18, 2018, 06:21:55 AM »
nice!!  ;)
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