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Windows / Re: Port Forward the port used for incoming connection.
« Last post by Kay on Today at 02:12:25 PM »
My post wasn't intended to provoke any hostility towards your goodself; I sincerely value your advice!

Please my accept apologies if you interpreted my post as unfriendly; Rest assured that it wasn't meant that way at all!

I merely was presenting the responses received and articles researched to find out which of the (conflicting) data to be used as produced by 'ipconfig /all'; I did not expect you to respond to these.   

It's very frustrating that nobody offered an explanation other than 'default gateway is entirely up to you' and frankly was hoping receiving a little a help here.
Again, it never was on my mind causing aggravation.
Linux / Re: doesn't seed
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 01:24:07 PM »
Almost certainly a bug...I've seen that as well within the last 3 days.
Windows / Re: Port Forward the port used for incoming connection.
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 01:22:56 PM »
  "PIA VPN does not support/provide port-forwarding for these servers."

If a VPN does not provide port forwarding, you won't get any incoming connections while using it.

  "You can forward all the ports you want, but if the application is using the VPN, it won't matter."

Port forwarding your router will then mean traffic may come in on it which bypasses your VPN connection...defeating any "security" it may offer, at least if qBitTorrent responds to traffic not through the VPN.
So it might matter, but not in a useful way.

  "Depending on your torrent client, it may entirely disregard your VPN and use another interface."

qBitTorrent may do that as well if it's not bound to the VPN in qBT's advanced settings.

  "Port forwarding is useful for torrents only as far as I know."

Some old LAN-based multiplayer games require port forwarding to work if played over the internet.

  "Without port forwarding you simply cannot upload data. (Meaning you cannot seed.)"

Not totally true, although it's sort-of true if you're using private trackers with required minimum upload-vs-download ratios.
A firewalled seed (or peer with parts other peers are missing) can upload to other peers provided it can make an outgoing connection to them. This is impossible if THEIR firewall blocks the firewalled seed.
So, a firewalled seed and firewalled peer cannot normally connect to each other. There is a special way using uTP connections those can connect to each other, (UDP-based STUN) but they require the help of unfirewalled peers/seeds to do so.

On a torrent with lots of unfirewalled peers, a firewalled seed could connect and upload to ALL of them.
But on a private tracker, by the time a firewalled seed could attempt to connect to unfirewalled peers they will likely be seeds as well and no uploading will happen.

(btw, I'm not a moderator here)
Linux / doesn't seed
« Last post by wifon on Today at 10:17:56 AM »
Hi, I have a problem

Few days ago I had to reinstall my Mint and after reinstall I have a problem with qbittorrent. /home partition was preserved, so all torrents I had was preserved as well. After I've force rechecked all of them, I wanted to start seeding again, but after I resume any of torrents added before reinstall, they go to "completed" state after a few seconds. Temporary solution is that I force resume them, but then I see all of force resumed torrents in "Active" section, no matter if they actually upload or no.

This problem doesn't affect torrents added after reinstall.

See short movie:

What could be the cause of this behaviour? The "On downloads done" option is disabled. I have no ratio limit set. No limits set at all.

qbittorrent version in 4.1.1 and I'm on Linux Mint 18.3
Windows / Port Forward the port used for incoming connection.
« Last post by Kay on Today at 10:14:54 AM »
Details/info: qBittorrent v.3.3.16, Windows 10 64-bit Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.112) desktop, Ethernet connection, Linksys Router X6200, VPN (PIA v81).

I reside in Thailand and for optimal connection speed am using Singapore or Hong Kong server; PIA VPN does not support/provide port-forwarding for these servers.

Following the suggestion made by forum moderator Switeck I am actively pursuing a correct method to Port Forward port (51967) on my Linksys Router.

I consulted the straightforward instruction as shown in:

However, my endeavor came to an abrupt halt because of conflicting information produced by 'ipconfig /all' viz:

> Under 'Ethernet adapter Ethernet' the numbers for Default Gateway do NOT show.
> Under 'Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection' the numbers for Default Gateway Do show.

I was uncertain which collection of data to be used and/or on obtaining the missing default Gateway numbers to complete the Port Forwarding task. 

Well, since this is an issue not really related to qBittorrent I searched for advise in other fora of which the responses are just as confusing (for me anyway).

I was advised:
# The default gateway is entirely up to you as to what is used, so long as you use something in one of the 2 below ranges of IP Addresses (you would assign this IP Address in your router settings)

# If the BitTorrent traffic is going through the VPN, your router doesn't know anything about it. The only traffic it knows about is that which comes in on whatever port the VPN software uses. You can forward all the ports you want, but if the application is using the VPN, it won't matter.
And other info I found:
# Port forwarding is useful for torrents only as far as I know. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is required for torrents. Without port forwarding you simply cannot upload data. (Meaning you cannot seed.)

# Port forwarding does reduce anonymity. But in most cases it is so trivial a difference that you may as well ignore it. Depending on your torrent client, it may entirely disregard your VPN and use another interface. I think that is the main problem with uTorrent. It will use any interface it can latch onto with complete and total ignorance of what you tell it to use. That is why I use qBittorrent as my client. I can tell it to use only a single network interface and it will not fall back to another if that one fails.

AFAIC all this is somehow in disagreement and thus far didn't help me to accomplish my original task.

When on the Internet the PIA VPN is always connected to (Singapore); (start application at login, auto-connect on launch).

FYI: In Network Connection, the Ethernet is shown as 'Unidentified network'.
My qBittorrent client is seeding.

I'd be most grateful if the resident experts would advise on which avenue to follow to complete Port Forwarding.
Windows / RSS feed blue on dark background
« Last post by amezarashi97 on June 22, 2018, 04:13:46 PM »

My RSS feed is blue on a dark background.

QBittorrent 4.1.0
Windows 7

I am using a variant of Windows's classic theme.

Any idea?
Windows / Re: Torrent Conundrum
« Last post by Peter on June 22, 2018, 10:52:13 AM »
I would just rent a seedbox for a week or two, maybe a month. If you pay attention to it, you can build a buffer so large, it will outlast you and even your children.
Seriously, best solution for outdated sites that still rely on silly things like raw ratio. (which is often faked, cheated, buffered with servers...thus completely useless)
Windows / Re: Torrent Conundrum
« Last post by Switeck on June 22, 2018, 12:18:48 AM »
You're probably screwed with nothing you can do about double-downloading those torrents.

qBitTorrent is VERY picky about not finding torrents and trying to redownload them. :(
Got to be really careful now when restarting qBT and quickly stopping torrents that go from 'seeding' to 0% complete and redownloading.
Windows / Torrent Conundrum
« Last post by nimbus109 on June 21, 2018, 10:17:08 PM »
I inadvertently moved my files from my PC's destination folder and realized my mistake then quickly move them back to the same place. My torrent site's 'Required' then went from 20 to 40. All the files are again seeding in the proper destination folder as indicated by qBittorrent.  When I moved my files could qBittorent have re-download the files it couldn't find, creating an exaggerated download ratio?  Is there anything I can do? Is there any way I can get that ratio back to 0.20 which it was before I screwed up and moved the files. Hope this is clear. I am not that proficient in all things torrent, obviously. Thanks.
Suggestions / checkboxes for the left bar (categories, tags)
« Last post by mrpaco on June 21, 2018, 09:16:35 PM »
It would be great if checkboxes could be added to the left bar to categories, status, trackers and tags so we could select instead of only one of each, multiple.

for example if I want to see the torrents from 2 different tags at the same time but nothing else, I can't, qbt only let me select one tag limiting us on how to manage our torrents. Or if I want to see every torrent but the ones tagged with XXXXX or YYYYY, I can't either.

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