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Windows / Re: Torrents Stop Uploading After Download Is Done
« Last post by 2635599 on Today at 02:14:07 am »
all 3 set to 999, so should be the issue

When uploading at 170 Mbps average, what's qbittorrent.exe's cpu and ram usage like?

And do you mean 170 megabits/second or 170 MegaBYTES/second? Speeds in qBitTorrent are measured in KiloBYTES/second or MegaBYTES/second.

I've been using Qbittorrent x64 (version 3.3.7, the last allowed by some private trackers I'm a member of), which solved me the I/O error from the x86 version when uploading at 100Mbps+, but the thing is that after 40 hours or so of continuous seeding, the upload speed falls to 50Mbps. When that happens, I just restart the Qbittorent and the speeds go immediately to normal (170Mbps average).

Does anyone know why this happens?


Windows / Re: Torrents Stop Uploading After Download Is Done
« Last post by Switeck on February 20, 2017, 06:26:01 pm »
Automatic Torrent Management Mode?

Torrent Queue settings?

Number of torrents that should be active seeding and/or downloading?
Windows / Torrents Stop Uploading After Download Is Done
« Last post by 2635599 on February 20, 2017, 03:01:52 pm »
QBT 3.3.10 / Win Pro 64 Bit 14393.726. i have QBT's checkbox for a 1:1 ratio ticked, but when a torrent finishes downloading it stops seeding. this behavior started after originally having a issue of qbt continuing to upload after qbt reach the 1:1 ratio with the 1:1 ratio box ticked. to fix the later i opened settings, unticked 1:1, applied, ok, shutdown qbt, relaunched, reticked 1:1, applied, ok, worked perfectly for a couple of days, and then went to not completing uploading. i again went to settings and followed the steps above and qbt still isn't doing a 1:1 ratio. current torrents are at .22, .01, .27, .00. force resume seems to be the only way to get qbt to continue the uploads. i'm truly out of ideas. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
Windows / Unchecked Content emty files
« Last post by tekijiyuu on February 20, 2017, 02:38:38 pm »
Unchecked files downloading as empty files...
This is very annoying, especially if it's media files.
as a result, I have to delete empty files manually...
very annoying...
empty file:

Windows / Relocate files = copies data?
« Last post by JT Cox on February 19, 2017, 04:21:45 pm »
Sometimes when I relocate a torrent, it copies the entire thing to the new location, then once it's finished (1h later) removes the older files.

Is this normal behavior? It's all located on the same drive so should be instant right?
Windows / Repetead download after close
« Last post by Breathe of fate on February 19, 2017, 11:39:02 am »
Hello for all.

I have a problem with the last version: after my downloads are completed and then I closed the application, after starting it again torrents begin to download again (but it is downloaded). So every time I started qbittorrent all downloads begin to start again even all of them are downloaded and I cant share my downloads.

Sorry for my english, I hope you understood what I`m talking about :)

How cpuld I fix it? There is no such problem with utorrent.

Win10 Pro.
Should be

Code: [Select]
"D:\Programs\Scripts\TorrentExtract.bat" "%D"

Thanks for the reply. I tried that as one of my permutations and still had no response from qbittorrent when a torrent finished. Tried it again just to be sure and no luck. I installed utorrent and tested it there without problems so it seems like either a syntax issue or qbit just isn't running the script.
Windows / Updating x86 qBittorrent to x64 version without losing torrents, directory, etc.
« Last post by werd on February 19, 2017, 12:49:47 am »
Is it possible to change to qBittorent x64 without losing my torrents, labels and saved directories?

I have over 1,400 torrents (only 300 or so active/seeding at a time) from a couple trackers properly labeled and split between 4 internal HDDs and folders. I'd like to update to the x64 version to help mitigate the freezes but ONLY if I'm able to load all my torrents and the client is able to locate the files between the 4 HDDs itself... (no way am I setting the location for each torrent!). And to make it harder, I tend to re-name the files from the original torrent (from within the client, not in File Explorer; I always make sure the files matches with what's in qBittorrent.)

I know sometimes the performance tanks and you experience the occasional freeze when having that many torrents loaded on the qBittorrent client, even when they're paused and inactive.. but I don't mind the occasional freezes and I prefer to have them loaded so I could keep track of what I've downloaded and when easily.

Anyways.. a little more info & tl;dr

1. I'd like to update from x86 qBittorrent 3.3.3 to the latest x64 qBittorrent. I'm currently using Win10 x64.

2. Are you able to update without losing all the torrents you currently have?
     a. Will it remember what hard drive & directory the files were saved in? Or will I have to set each torrent's location individually?
     b. Will it remember the file name changes? (Original file names from torrents were changed using the qBittorrent client.)
     c. Will it also remember the renames under "Name" column in the qBittorrent UI?
     d. Will it remember the labels associated with the torrents?
     e. If yes, what do I have to do?

3. I know having a lot of torrents slows and freezes the qBittorrent occasionally. But it usually unfreezes after 5 or so mins. for me so I don't mind it too much. Still I think the x64 version would help.

Thanks for your help!
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