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Title: Simple way to set Up/Down speed limits
Post by: juan_rugge on May 17, 2017, 07:20:27 PM
Hi! I recently switched from ?Torrent and i really like it. The only thing that i miss is how easy i was able to setup Up and Down speeds limits, something that i do quite often if I'm going to play a online game, check facebook, reddit, etc, and keep downloading/seeding my torrents, and afterwards when i leave the pc, disable them. not that in Qt is not easy, but it takes extra work/steps..
What i suggest is bundle in the context menu (when you right click in a torrent) the Up/Down speed limit dialogue into one, so that the box with the sliders show both. It will also be very nice if you can add to double-click action to open this box.
Thanks for your work, and excuse my grammar :P