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Windows / How to make it work on proxy?
« Last post by joe7dust on Today at 07:53:33 PM »
The proxy settings look pretty self explanatory but I can't get it to work. I'm using a hotspot app on my phone that requires a proxy. Internet seems to work for everything else with those proxy settings, it is just an ip4 address and port that has to be entered on whatever device is using the hotspot.
Windows / Re: Queuing still not working in v4.1.0
« Last post by witloof on Today at 06:33:32 PM »
Maybe this is how it's supposed to be for qBit, everything works with those settings, all torrents are marked as seeding and all are registered by the tracker. µTorrent works differently so comparing both clients is not useful.

It seems to be working for me, but I'm on a Win 7 machine.

My current settings are Down 2, Up 3, Max 25. I currently have 3 Forced Seeds, one Completed, and 6 Seeding (although no one is downloading). If I change the Max to 4, 2 of the Seeding torrents go to Queued. If I set it to 6, those 2 start seeding again. I can confirm on the trackers that I am registered as a seed for those torrents.
Well, of course, if your max active torrents is 25 but you have less than 25 torrents in your client they will all be showing as seeding obviously. But if you had more than 25 torrents then everything above 25 would be queued and you'll not be registered by the tracker as a seed for those torrents. I just saw that exact case on a private tracker.
Windows / Re: Gigabit connection but slow seeding
« Last post by morfraen on Today at 07:09:48 AM »
Setting the cache to 0 (disabled) and os cache unchecked helped me with the speed issue. I have fiber line by the way.

Old post I know... but had the same issue and changing disk cache also fixed it. Have 150/150 connection and could barely get 300-500KB going for upload. Changed disk cache from 0 (disabled) to -1 (auto) and unchecked OS cache and boom, 5-7MB/s upload. So maybe the real problem in both cases is less about the libtorrent caching and more about the windows disk cache causing major issues. Hard drive also went from noisy and obviously grinding away to silent.
Generic / Re: How come the Web UI’s “download from URLs” does nothing?
« Last post by Jpizzl on May 21, 2018, 10:51:48 PM »
I tried accessing the same feature via another local Windows 10 PC and I realized that there's a download button hidden below the text visible on the web UI. At least using Safari on iOS, there's no way to tell that there's anything to scroll down to. Even if you do try to scroll down, there's no scroll bar. The window looks like it can be resized, which would reveal more content, but that doesn't work, either.
When other people inevitably have this problem, here's what you do: don't try to resize the window or find a scroll bar. Instead, carefully tap in the middle of the "Download from URLs" window and swipe up or down a bit to scroll the window text to reveal the download button. That's it, case closed.
Windows / Re: Problem with moving torrents
« Last post by Madoka on May 21, 2018, 09:32:35 PM »
This sort of sounds like the discussion found here, where the original folder is not moved or deleted. If it is then a bug report has been made.
Windows / Re: Odd behavior with Qbittorrent and ExpressVPN
« Last post by Dalumberjack on May 21, 2018, 07:57:55 PM »
Well the odd behavior continues.

Now as of today my none of my torrents will connect to any seeds, except for the whirlpool test torrent. 

I turned off all encryption, turned off proxy, and went free and in the clear and still no connection at all. So now I am starting to think maybe Spectrum (Charter) is experimenting in my area with throttling torrent traffic.  Is this possible to be so selective in the throttling when the whirlpool torrent still works just fine, but others don't?

Now I'm totally confused and up the creek without a paddle.
Windows / Re: Problem with moving torrents
« Last post by Svertalf on May 21, 2018, 03:28:26 PM »
I have the same problem. The only way I can get normal structure is to manually create target folder and move downloaded files into it.
Wonder if it is bug or no...
Windows / Odd behavior with Qbittorrent and ExpressVPN
« Last post by Dalumberjack on May 21, 2018, 12:34:33 AM »
First, I have tired doing as much research as possible and trying all fixes and or workarounds to no avail.

I have been using Qbittorrent for quite a while with no issues. I specifically use it with a socks 5 proxy and all has been great in life.

I recently decided to try a vpn and went with expressvpn. After installing the vpn, I immediately started not being able to connect to seeds (with normal qbittorrent settings on the vpn and or also trying to run the proxy with vpn). The weird part is, when a torrent starts, I will connect to a bunch of seeds, then all of a sudden my seed connections will drop to zero and stay that way. My peers will stay connected sometimes and I will continue to upload. This happens no matter what vpn server location I use.

The second weird part is this only happens to certain torrents, such as trying to download  tv episodes. When trying a open free torrent for speed & connection tests from a site such as, I can connect to seeds and peers without an issue with the vpn on.

The last weird part is if I turn off the vpn, the behavior continues. The only way to get my torrents working again is to uninstall the vpn, uninstall qbittorrent, restart, reinstall qbittorrent, and now qbittorrent using just a socks5 proxy works again like it always has.

So I am at a loss as to what is happening with the VPN software and or connections.  I come here seeking any advice hoping someone else has experienced my issue and can lead me in the right direction. Next bet was to try and contact expressvpn support, but thought I might get more knowledge answers here.

Thanks for your time everyone.
Windows / Problem with RAID5
« Last post by Robertomcat on May 20, 2018, 08:34:31 PM »
Hello good afternoon.

Let's see if someone can help me with a problem.

It turns out that I had a RAID5 that spoiled with all the files inside. Later I created the RAID again and downloaded all the files from the backup that had the cloud, and downloaded them as they were organized by folders within the RAID.

Once all downloaded, I started the qbitt again to detect all the files again (I have not changed any route or anything). In total there are about 900 torrent files, which are detected by the tracker's website.

The problem is that there is no way to be able to serve, even if all the files are activated and with the same configuration as before. It's been active all day, and nobody can connect to my files.

What can be caused this?

A greeting!
Windows / Best practice to download movies for plex
« Last post by spamme on May 20, 2018, 07:40:29 PM »

I have automated qbittorent to download movies via RSS feeds directly in a folder, which is a Plex collection. It works fine but sometimes Plex mismatches the movies because the titles are very common and there are already many movies with the same title. In this case the year would be very useful to identify the movie correctly and the file name contains it, but alas it isn't in parentheses as expected form Plex and therefore it is ignored.

I know this would be fine tuning, but what would be the best solution to make Plex match the movies correctly also with the year?
I was checking if it would be possible to fine tune Plex parsing logic, but I didn't find any solution.
I was also thinking to rename the files with a script when the download is completed, but I think it is a bad idea, most probably qbt would download the renamed files again.

What I don't want is to copy and rename the files and therefore double the used space on the HDD.
Is there a solution? Somebody facing the same problem has found a way to solve it?
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