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Suggestions / Dark/black skin anyone?
« Last post by uplink on July 26, 2017, 09:03:29 PM »
Hey there

Guys, seriously, I can help You out, I'm a designer [really]. Black/dark skin for qBittorent? I mean it's a TOP end program, but it's been scorching our eyes and sight for years now.

Please do consider this option, if You're interested, I'll send You my folio and CV, I'll do it free of charge,


Windows / Re: Migrate from uTorrent to qBittorrent easily
« Last post by nickarad on July 26, 2017, 07:27:52 PM »
Mate @ Nemo , First of all I thank you for your honest answer. I do not want to use programs made "alright" on tried, etc.....I've just begun to "have fun" recently by taking up torrents on the site. And always utorrent, after a while, it stops working, and then it blocks my internet connection, blocking the network card (as a network driver modem would not have installed)
I already have over 900 upload torrents. I'll wait a month, two ... but no more. If qbittorent manufacturers do not do anything about this possibility to move torrent files from another torrent client to qbitorrent, I'm going to find other torrent software.
If you can put me in touch with qbitorrent producers, I'll explain to them, too (like many of me who want to migrate from utorrent) It would be great for everyone. They can rewrite the software so that anyone can add files from the utorrent. And then the qbittorrent client will have the expected success. If they do not, then it will not succeed. And he still has many bad parts. But it's not time to develop them now.
Once again, thank you for your suggestions.
I greet you with respect from Country Romania.
Windows / Double Click on Search Tab
« Last post by MrFree on July 26, 2017, 04:56:27 PM »
Version: Current Ver as of the date of this post.
Platform: Windows 7

On the search tab it used be that when you double clicked on an item it would open a box with files details, download selection in the form of tick selection, download path, etc.
This no longer occurs, has this been removed/deprecated?

Now what happens is that the double click on the search immediately gets sent to the download queue.

Windows / Re: Overhead graph
« Last post by Switeck on July 25, 2017, 08:28:08 PM »
They are probably approximated.

The real amounts vary depending on qBitTorrent settings (as DHT adds nothing to download/upload speeds directly except to find more peers/seeds, high half open values can spike overheads, lots of encrypted handshakes also increases overheads, number of connected peers/seeds due to PEX and HAVE messages, resolve ips/resolve country flags, adding 10+ trackers to each torrent, running lots of torrents at once), encapsulation (from VPNs and proxies), packet size (even ADSL/VDSL vs cable can make a minor difference), packet loss levels, and presence of other stuff in each packet. (checksums? timestamps?)

Most of this is invisible to qBitTorrent.
Windows / Overhead graph
« Last post by seyss on July 25, 2017, 06:50:46 PM »
The overhead upload and overhead download always have the same values!

How can I show the true values for these measurements?

Linux / disable domain checking
« Last post by darksurf on July 25, 2017, 08:37:46 AM »
I need to know how to add a domain name or disable domain checking. my last qbittorrent docker update has been catastrophic. Its useless. I use qbittorrent-nox on a server in a network rack in a closet. I don't use it on my desk with monitors. Since I'm not loading it from the localhost I keep getting an error 401. This has literally killed my qbittorrent experience. I can't use it at all at this point. I need a way to disable this mess or add an approved domain name, local IP, anything.
Suggestions / Re: Any suggestion
« Last post by Switeck on July 24, 2017, 09:49:22 PM »
Poor connectivity due to hostile ISPs on torrents.

Software firewall blocking qBT but not BitComet, especially if not using the same port for both during tests.

Bugs in qBT that affects speed... some confirmed, some not. Settings combinations in qBT can thoroughly sabotage it, especially due to bugs.
Not connecting to some peers:

Making an exact matching test with multiple BitTorrent clients is very hard. Peers and Seeds come-and-go, often in minutes on smaller torrents.

Suggestions / Any suggestion
« Last post by ufaforwork2 on July 24, 2017, 08:18:41 PM »
Hi there ! My name's Thierry.
I've noticed a very strange problem on my new build pc which has a intel lan card on Asus z170 pro gaming motherboard... Let me tell u details.

After buying a new motherboard, processor and ram, i re-setup a fresh windows 7 64bit on 256gb ssd. well, after that i noticed qBittorrent download speed is very low, normally on my older pc, i got around 170-180 kB/s download speed, but on new pc, i'm getting only 50-60 KB/s download speed which is sometimes showing me 'stalled' and nothing download at all ufabet

so i did uninstall qBittorrent totally, cleared all the app data and re-setup qBittorrent version 3.3.7.... but the problem still persists, i did also reset my router to factory defaults, but no luck either.... i did try Bitcomet and other torrent client, they are also performing very good ! ???????ufabet
And now the very strange part, i'm also running this same qBittorrent version on same internet line on my office which has that old pc, everything is fine and fresh, getting download speed around 170-190 KB/s and no problem at all....

So, my question is, what might caused this problem?

Thanks in advance.
You misunderstood the scope of my Reddit post/rant. All I wanted was to protest against this classification from google (aka unauthorized file sharing). And of course in support to FossHub, for their behind the scenes help(tayloring the download page to our needs).
In the unlikely event that FossHub can't serve any more, there are plenty of good alternatives. Falling back to, or using github itself to host release files.
Generic / Why would you use the libtorrent client?
« Last post by zabadoh on July 24, 2017, 06:53:09 AM »
I'm seeing a lot of "libtorrent 0.3.16" clients in one of my torrents.

I understand that libtorrent comes with a simple command line client, is that what I'm seeing these peers using?

Why am I seeing so many of them?
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