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Suggestions / Stream URL of torrent files
« on: March 14, 2017, 05:18:17 PM »
This subject have been in threads for quiet a while and I wonder why it seems so hard to implement. Or is it a choice ?
When I use the couple uTorrent + PotPlayer (dozens of times better than VLC that was good when it came out and people were fighting with codec packs, but it is just not updated enough anymore) I can stream the URL of one of the files from inside a torrent. And amazing thing : If I click in the timline of the video, PotPlayer buffers some of the necessary bytes and begins to play from there ! And if I check the uTorrent download going on I can clearly see that the download of the packs of data necessary for the streaming to keep going are downloaded before anything else.
It's a really great option that I'm still hoping to see one day in qBitorrent. Can I still hope for that or is it just not at all in the todo list ?
Thanks for providing such a great alternative anyway ;)

Cheers. Hansolocambo.

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