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Cafe lounge / Re: --- (CENSORED)
« Last post by Peter on Today at 09:44:16 am »
Sorry, we do not allow spam or advertisements here. You are welcome to join our forum and the discussions, but if you keep spamming, we have to remove you from our forums.
Thank you for your understanding.
Suggestions / Re: Bring qBittorrent to Windows Store and Xbox
« Last post by AnthonyB on Today at 06:33:03 am »
There are already numerous Torrent clients in the Windows Store so there's no reason that qBt would not be accepted simply because it is a torrent client.

Having it in the Windows Store via the Desktop Bridge purely for the purpose of auto-updating alone would be great. Ease of installation and uninstallation, ability for devs to get telemetry on app usage, broader visibility of the app to general public are all other benefits or varying degree.
Windows / Re: Potplayer freezes Windows on sequential order
« Last post by Switeck on August 20, 2017, 11:55:51 pm »
"Also, can you add an option to start downloading sequentally on torrent start?"
Add torrent in stopped mode, right-click on torrent, check seq. download option, start torrent.

"When the file being downloaded was 2 GB in size, I played that file in Potplayer."
I cannot tell if you mean 2 GB is how much space the file takes up on the drive or is it also how much qBT has downloaded.

"I was downloading about 10 minutes, and 10 minutes are from the timeline of Potplayer."
How long you've been downloading doesn't tell how MUCH you've downloaded.

On top of that, what file parts you've downloaded can greatly affect what happens when Potplayer tries to preview those parts.
Under the torrent's General tab (found at bottom left of qBT's window), there is a Progress bar which shows what parts of the torrent are downloaded. The Content tab may further show which files are completed and/or their parts complete. That may at least reduce the odds of trying to preview blank areas.

"This is probably a working code for the problem."
Microsoft Windows needs better sparse handling. This cannot be fixed by qBitTorrent directly. Maybe libtorrent, the underlying library that qBitTorrent uses for file handling, might be able to do something...but you need to ask here:
I've partially mentioned this issue before at...,2627.msg12725.html#msg12725,3743.msg19531.html#msg19531,3787.msg19159.html#msg19159,4549.msg23343.html#msg23343

Sparse issues also mentioned here:

...It doesn't look like it will be resolved anytime soon. :(
Windows / Re: Can I use BT_backup to restore disappearing torrents?
« Last post by Varjak on August 20, 2017, 11:49:33 pm »
Windows / Thoughts about new QB3.4 icon style ....
« Last post by satan666 on August 20, 2017, 11:16:58 pm »
Hello everyone.
I'm new in this forum, but instead the p2p clients and wanted to leave my opinion (and it is the same opinion of many of you also) about the new icons and style of the new version 3.4beta of qBittorrent.
I, as many other p2p users, we knew the benefits of qbittorrent on other p2p programs but there was always something that us to abandon qb and move us to another, and that reason was none other than its antiquated style and awful icons.
Now, after a long time, it seems more beautiful than before with new icons but wanted to ask qb developers who attend the following requests if they want to (want to) that qb is used and most beautiful of all torrent clientS since although not missing features, the new style do not see all defined:

1 - The new icons do not maintain the same appearance on according to that tab of the program (in search tab, the icons in blue, green and the "x" in red to close separate tab of not seeming at all the new icons are horrific.
2.  The icons that appear in the system tray, apart of being children's colors Green-orange and missing the icon of alternative speed limit.
3 - Since we are at it, also that new flat appearance could be applied too at shortcut on the desktop icon and in the system tray. Also, in notification área, the dark and clear theme looks bad with pixelation...i think it would better a flat-blue qb icon...

And finally comment that the translation to the Spanish of Spain is incomplete or has syntax errors (Latin America -Spanish/Spanish of Spain).
There are phrases that appear in English instead of Spanish and is that not the 3.4 beta error, already appeared in previous versions.

Is that still is in phase beta new version of qb with his new style, but please I ask (the developers) do an effort extra to make this new qbittorrent that so many were expecting, with the best appearance and possible translation.
I'm sure that will make many users of p2p clients to qb as his favorite.
I hope to have not bothered anyone (nothing else far from my intention) because my criticism is constructive, and I put myself at your disposal with the complete translation to Spanish of Spain.

Thanks for the effort you dedicate to qb and congratulations for the new look... qb deserves it long ago...
Windows / Re: 64-bit Version Not Working in XP x64
« Last post by Switeck on August 20, 2017, 11:08:48 pm »
For reference, this issue has also been brought up at qBitTorrent's github:
64-bit Version Not Working in XP x64

Also, Windows XP is not supported by qBT v3.4.0beta for the 32bit version because it lacks IPv6 connectivity by default, as mentioned by this issue:
3.4.0, RC_1_1, ipv6 and Windows XP
...which means it might work if IPv6 were first enabled before installing qBT v3.4.0beta.
Linux / Mail sender change
« Last post by Ember123 on August 20, 2017, 07:31:22 pm »

I have question!

Where can I change the sender for e-mail notification?

Because the [email protected] is not allowed my smtp server. I have to use my own address:

2017. 08. 20. 19:28 - Email Notification Error: Message was rejected by the server, error: 551  Blocked, unknown email address in envelope-sender or From header. http:[email protected]&[email protected]

MAC / Categories Not Showing Download
« Last post by ststephen67 on August 20, 2017, 05:51:04 pm »
I'm new to qBittorent after years using uTorrent. I've categorized my downloads but when I click on the category no torrent is listed. I'm sure this is an easy fix but I can't figure it out.
Windows / Re: 64-bit Version Not Working in XP x64
« Last post by mike20021969 on August 20, 2017, 03:41:12 pm »
Which version are you referring to?

If by chance it's the beta, then Windows XP is not supported.
"Current beta version: qBittorrent v3.4.0beta_20170807_0320f9d5b5e
Windows XP isn't supported in the beta version"
Linux / Fedora
« Last post by akya on August 20, 2017, 05:53:39 am »
Hi Sledge and team, do you guys know why qbittorrent is stuck on version 3.3.13 on fedora? are there any blocking issues? I downgraded to 3.3.11 because of the issue #6887
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