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Windows / Re: Queued downloads do not automatically start downloading
« Last post by Peter on Today at 11:02:43 am »
Well I just have Max Download on 3 (or 10 if they are slow), 999 upload, and 999 max. :P I am quite a power user. (But it works!)
Generic / Re: Anonymous Mode
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 09:14:21 am »
1.No, Anonymous Mode doesn't use i2p at's a poorly-named setting that disables a couple things and obfuscates the BitTorrent client id.
2.You need a proxy or VPN to have any degree of anonymity.
3.Other people can see your ip in the peer list and connect to you even when using Anonymous Mode, since qBitTorrent still does tracker announces...and those trackers then give out your ip+port info to whoever comes along afterwords.

Anonymous Mode also doesn't stop making DIRECT IP-TO-IP connections to other peers and seeds, so they will see your ip+port that way as well.
Your ISP will very much see all this connection activity.

Your ISP can even see if/when you connect to a proxy or VPN, but probably can't read the traffic sent through them. So proxy or VPN only INCREASES the amount of bandwidth you use through your ISP, if your ISP has monthly/daily GB limits.

Warning: If you're using a VPN or proxy... you're nowhere near as "secure" as you think!:,5085.0.html
Generic / Anonymous Mode
« Last post by rimak on Today at 07:27:00 am »
1. Does Anonymous Mode make qBittorrent connect to i2p and download torrents using i2p network ?
2. What settings we need to turn on/off to be more Anonymous while downloading torrent ?
3. When you use anonymous mode other people can't see us in peers list, also website can't see what we downloaded. Does ISP see what we download ?
 What are pros and cons for using VPN then?
Windows / Re: Queued downloads do not automatically start downloading
« Last post by nrnoble on Today at 03:00:51 am »
Thanks for the info.

What is the recommended settings (or Default) for Torrent Queuing?

The reason I have used "[F] Resume" is because items with the status of "Queued" do not start downloading when one or more download items reach 100%. All items with the status of "Queued" never start downloading unless I use [F] resume.

Am I making a wrong assumption that Queued items should automatically start downloading once other active downloads have finished?
But wait... it rechecks when you add and if it finds the files...
Am I missing something here? Oo
No it starts downloading than torrent and IF the files are the same it starts rechecking, so for example, if a file or the folder of the torrent is incorrect, it will start downloading instead of rechecking.

1. Download Torrent > add > files have the same name/size > starts rechecking, downloads if there is missing files
2. Download torrent > add > some files have the wrong name  or wrong folder name/structure > it starts downloading.

What I am asking for is for the torrent to ONLY to start IF the recheck was successful, hopefully that explains it better?
Windows / Re: Performance quickly deteriorates
« Last post by Switeck on October 22, 2017, 07:38:44 pm »
Your hard drive is too slow for the conditions it's let's make qBitTorrent (and Windows!) at least a little easier on it!

Try doing a Scandisk/Checkdisk, Disk Cleanup, and Defrag on your HDD. Torrents can seed faster if their files are not fragmented.

If you have antivirus software, it's not a good idea to let that constantly scan seeding slows HDDs down to a crawl! Better to let it ignore downloading torrents and only scan completed torrents once.

What's roughly the highest number of peers you're trying to upload to at once? (too many at once is harder on the HDD than fewer but considerably faster individually)
Try setting Global Max Upload Slots to 100-400 -- that's how many peers to upload to at a single time.

Can you spare a LOT of ram for qBitTorrent to use a large file read/write cache? (this takes some load off the HDD)
If so, set qBT's cache size to 1000 MB and the cache max duration to 600 seconds (max allowed currently).

You're not the only one to have problems using qBT on Windows 10:,5357.0.html
(...admittedly, that's much slower than you get.)
Windows / Performance quickly deteriorates
« Last post by Cutter on October 22, 2017, 06:43:27 pm »

My seeding speed can go up to 20MB/s but after a while it slowly drops to a constant 2MB/s. I did not set a speed limit in qbittorrent. Global max. connections is 500 (other connection limits are disabled). My HDD is constantly used at 100%, whatever the speed, according to Windows' task manager. What could be the cause of this? I'm on Win10. Power management in Windows is set to "High performance". "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked for my ethernet card.

The spikes occur when I briefly disable my ethernet device to change a setting then enable it back.
Cafe lounge / Community vote - Which forum/community software should we merge to?
« Last post by Peter on October 22, 2017, 04:32:29 pm »
Long story very short: We have to migrate from Simple Machines.

Which software should we move to? What do YOU use?
- Receives updates, is updated constantly.
- Not (very) new, so it has a sort of stable history. We don't want to put our members to risk.
- It can use any technology, stack, language - as long as it's not IIS/Microsoft locked in.
- FOSS software is preferred - our users love FOSS.

So far I found these as candidates:
  • Discourse. It's modern, it's fast, it can handle A LOT OF ABUSE. Our forums would never face such degree of spam and posts but yeah, I have seen people throwing everything they had at it and it did not break. Pretty well done. It's also modern, "real-time-ish". They offer free hosting for projects that quality (we do) or free on-site hosting. Open-source.
  • NodeBB. Feels and looks very close to Discourse. There is a fully free "developer edition" that we could easily use. It's open-source.
  • phpBB. We used this in the past and it's a great forum software. Heck, it was the market leader for many long years. When we moved to SMF from phpBB, the development came to a halt. There were no big updates, there were no small updates. Just nothing. SMF was getting regular updates constantly. So the choice was obvious. The tables have turned however. phpBB moved on. Added a new site, a great new plugin repository, and new updates come out left and right. Looks like a great FOSS target too.
Share your thoughts! What is your experience with them, if you used them? How they handle, how are updates, etc.? Thank you!
Windows / Re: Queued downloads do not automatically start downloading
« Last post by Peter on October 22, 2017, 04:12:06 pm »
Simply go into Settings -> BitTorrent and check your "Torrent queueing" settings in the middle.

Force resume simply ignores everything and just force starts things.
But wait... it rechecks when you add and if it finds the files...
Am I missing something here? Oo
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