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Windows / Re: Problems with the UI after a update
« Last post by ItWasSooted on Today at 08:26:12 am »
It's very simple to fix. Right click the bar where your red arrows are pointing. You'll see that everything is ticked, just untick the ones that aren't showing as text.
Probably not going to be whitelisted anytime soon due to some speed issues with the client.

Are you aware of speed issues with ver 4 at all? I guess the above post clarifies things a little.
Windows / Problems with the UI after a update
« Last post by Nightwalker on Today at 06:11:07 am »
I having some weird spaces between columns that I can't figure out how to hide/disable. This things are really annoying, so if someone have a suggestion or can explain the steps that I need to do to solve this I'll be very grateful.

That's it for now!

Thank you all, see ya!
Generic / Stalled torrents despite connected seeds.
« Last post by Jackal on Today at 03:42:14 am »
Hi all, I've been using qBittorrent for a while now and I think it's great.
I am having trouble understanding how torrents work now due to a bunch of torrents I am currently trying to download. I have searched google and even these forums to try and better understand before I posted this but I'm sorry if I somehow missed the answers.

Generally I assumed that if I was connected to seeds that I would download the pieces I am missing and that the number outside of the parenthesis is the number of users I'm actually connected to.
I've had qbittorrent open non-stop for several days and all of these torrents have stalled despite being connected to seeds. For example, this one torrent I have been stuck at 95.4% for a couple of days even though the whole time it has said I have been connected to at least a couple of seeds. Right now it says "5(6)" for seeds yet nothing is happening.

These are older torrents, so I can understand the low count of seeds and peers, and newer torrents still work fine for me. I'm just wondering why these ones aren't.
MAC / Re: 4.0 builds for OSX?
« Last post by victorhooi on January 22, 2018, 09:57:14 pm »

Are there any updated builds for OSX?

Or an easy way to compile from Trunk?

Linux / Re: Upgrading from 3.3.16 not working - Any tips?
« Last post by s4zando on January 22, 2018, 09:35:11 pm »
You just do:
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I always do that. That's my normal method of updating/upgrading. (I didn't think I needed to outline that part!)

Unfortunately, *that* particular method is not yielding any results - and since the box is, other than qbit, completely up to date, I have resorted to just working on updating qbit by itself... Hence the "sudo apt-get upgrade qbittorrent".
Linux / Re: Unable to Compile 4.0.2
« Last post by Peter on January 22, 2018, 06:58:14 pm »
Hmm it is possible that something is missing from Boost on aarm64?
Compilation problems like this keeps me away from Scaleway's arm64 servers.
Solved this by moving to Debian Testing instead of Ubuntu.

Debian has the package available in Testing:
Same goes for most other packages and the system never broke on me. They don't recommend it for server (production) use, but then again, I never had any issues with it either.

Ps.: Using Debian's .dsc file sometimes works, one could try to use pbuilder on that as well. Or simply try to install the .deb packages related to qBittorrent.
Linux / Re: Upgrading from 3.3.16 not working - Any tips?
« Last post by Peter on January 22, 2018, 06:55:15 pm »
You just do:
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

First, command updates the lists - so your system will know about the PPA, the second will upgrade all available packages. I reckon qBittorrent would upgrade some other packages as well, and thus, it needs the dist-upgrade command. On an Ubuntu it is 100% safe to always use dist-upgrade. Been using it since very early Ubuntu versions, never had a breakage.
Cafe lounge / Re: PSA: Maintenance notices / website updates
« Last post by Peter on January 22, 2018, 06:45:55 pm »
We will have another maintenance soon. It will take 1 hour at most. This only affects forum, the website will be up and running with almost no delay.
Thank you for your patience.

(This time I will toggle maintenance mode on for the forums, so if you see that, or 404, we are in maintenance.)

Postponed. Happy posting! :)
Windows / Re: no direct connection
« Last post by dewaegal on January 22, 2018, 10:42:12 am »
I tried to install vuze, cause there you have a possibility to run some tests.

So when I do the tests, all goes fine, but then I get this

testing TCP port 64774 inbound
test successful
testing UDP port 64774 inbound
test failed: inbound test failed
check your port forwarding for UDP 64774

So I opened the configuration of my router, and went to the tab of port forwarding
I add my port to port forwarding, TCP and UDP.  But everything stays the same.  even when I run a test on sites to see if your port is open

any idea it has to do with blocked ports? and how to open ports?
I have a WHR-1166DHP3 buffalo

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