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Windows / Re: Performance quickly deteriorates
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 10:50:43 am »
If you're using qBT v3.4.0beta2, make sure "Send upload piece suggestions" (in advanced, under cache settings) is DISABLED. I saw extreme speed decreases due to it in my tests that almost duplicated your first picture.
Require/Prefer Protocol Encryption also seemed to cause a speed decrease (over no encryption), but was still able to reach 20-35 MB/sec in local loopback tests on a ramdrive.

"Maybe an OS issue?"

Not really.
It's a fault of libtorrent's file handling and/or how qBitTorrent utilizes libtorrent.
qBitTorrent seems to do small 16KB reads from the HDD at a time instead of sequentially reading whole pieces at a time.
Some other BitTorrent clients don't seem to have this problem.

qBittorrent and disk performance:,2627.msg12725.html#msg12725
...though that's mostly talking about downloading torrents (and writing torrent files to disk), uploading still might have problems on HDDs with misaligned multi-file torrents.

In my sparse file tests on a NTFS-format ramdrive, I've seen qBT create over 30,000 file fragments from a 14 file ~2.5 GB torrent. ~2400 per file! If I wasn't doing it on a ramdrive that's capable of 1 GB/sec even with tiny file fragments (according to CrystalDiskMark), it would've been very slow.
That was with qBitTorrent acting as a peer downloading from a single seed (typically uTorrent v2.2.1 but also tested with Deluge and Tixati.)
Consider what kind of download pattern would be necessary to create such a result!

I'm hoping libtorrent (and as a result qBitTorrent) gets a patch soon so it can do consolidated reads and writes of entire pieces at once, so at least each piece might NOT be fragmented unless it's spread between files and/or badly misaligned.
uTorrent has been doing whole piece writes for years and is about the only BT client I'd consider downloading torrents on a SSD.
Generic / Re: Advice on torrenting
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 10:44:00 am »
I answered some of that here:,5389.msg26413.html#msg26413
and here:,5085.0.html

qBitTorrent using the BitTorrent Protocol Encryption will not hide connection activity from your ISP. They may not be able to easily identify if your traffic is BitTorrent in nature, but they can if they bought expensive throttling equipment (like from Sandvine).
I only use that option when I'm trying to preview/stream before it's completely downloaded. What's that got to do with my question? I'm not using this right now.
The 0% complete you see on many peers may be a result of them not being fully connected and transferring yet. Most are made by qBitTorrent's outgoing connection attempts, as a result of a high (high is anything over 20) half open limit in qBT.

Peers don't all download the same parts of the torrent and certainly not in the same order.
So a peer with only 10% complete might have 2+% that you don't have even if your peer is 90% complete.

This gets messed up by peers using sequential downloading, but generally they are the exception rather than the rule...since that can massively reduce their download speeds and speeds of other peers as well! That is why it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to only use sequential downloading on torrents with LOTS of connected seeds.
Windows / Re: qBT 3.0.10 >500MB cache size can trigger crash + hashfails
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 09:56:57 am »
Using qBT v3.4.0beta2 64bit on Windows 7 Pro 64bit with 10 GB DDR3 ram, Intel i5 650 3.2 Ghz CPU (not overclocked)
The ONLY apps I had open were the ones I was using for this test -- Notepad, Paint (opened 2x to save screenshots), Process Explorer, System Monitor, Windows Explorer, Windows Task Manager, uTorrent v2.2.1, and of course qBitTorrent.
System Monitor didn't show memory usage by qBitTorrent any differently than Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer, so it is not shown.
Also using Imdisk to create a 3600 MB ramdrive, which is why System shows such high ram counts the ramdrive.
Also used Game Booster to shut down background tasks/DLLs/services.

Demonstrating qBT's 4096 MB max cache size "eating" considerably more ram than should be expected.
qBT's cache was set to 4096 MB size and 600 seconds expiry interval. Tested multiple times with Enable OS cache enabled and disabled...and it made no difference.
Enabling "Send upload piece suggestions" caused qBT's upload speed to burst-then-die, not even reaching 1/10th the speed qBT reached (for my local speed from qBT->uTorrent) without it enabled.
Encryption Mode set to Prefer or Require encryption also resulted in upload speeds being reduced to roughly 1/4 of without it despite ~10% LESS cpu usage WITH encryption used.

This screenshot wasn't easy to fit everything into the picture that I wanted to show.
Process Explorer is at the top, qBitTorrent below that, uTorrent (mostly covered up) below that, and Windows Task Manager at the bottom.

CPU usage by qBT showed 52%!
qBT's Working set (Memory):  5,099,936 KB  (4980.4 MB)
qBT's Private Bytes/Commit Size:  5,406,215 KB  (5279.5 MB)
qBT's Virtual Size:  5,769,148 KB  (5633.9 MB)

Although I had 10-12 seeding torrents started in qBT, only 3 were active with peers. There were no downloading torrents in qBT.
uTorrent's CPU usage might have spiked as high as 20-25% during the test, but the CPU usage still had at least 10% idle.

Total ram usage by qBitTorrent exceeded its cache size by 880-1183.5 MB (depending on whether counting working set or private bytes) and virtual size exceeded the cache size by 1537.9 MB.
Generic / Re: Advice on torrenting
« Last post by there on Today at 03:25:47 am »
Mmmm, asking the same Dr for a second opinion is not always a wise move :)

(If your using a VPN or Proxy) still stand as good advice. However everything can be cracked... eventually, but probably not by your isp. I have a lower encryption setting - the default one.  Too high a setting and encryption will possibly effect your throughput and speed. Enough encryption to keep my isp from knowing what I am doing

Even if you are totally anonymous but log into [email protected] or Facebook, you nominate yourself for a Darwin award.  You visit a select number of sites, or friends before being encrypted, then visiting those same sites again my also unmask you, as you may have a pattern.

Even with a vpn, google is on your trail, and their cookies also lurk, if you are not careful.

Then there are web pages that can track you via this, and other similar methods   Extra items can be added and searched for, narrowing down the error rate, possibly making you unique.

Also when using a client on boot, before the client engages, your PC may be open, advertising you are on line, but I have not had a sniffer on to check how much data is sent before the client connects.

Make sure your vpn provider does not keep logs.

Either way, best not be low hanging fruit like these wrongly or correctly accused folk.

Windows / Is it possible to prevent connecting to peers with 0% progress?
« Last post by joe7dust on October 23, 2017, 10:10:27 pm »
I am trying to download a torrent (don't care about seeding it) and about half the people I connect to don't even part of the file. My system bogs down when I connect to a lot of people. I know I can limit the number of connections in the options but I don't want to reduce my full potential. Is there any way to automatically weed out the peers with 0%? I also feel bad about permanently banning so many. and in the future those peers might have had something else I need.

I noticed most peers start off at 0% then it gets 'detected' I suppose, so what I need is something to autoban everyone that has like 0.01% to 49% of the torrent. Also, might I suggest a hotkey correlating to "ban ip" (in the context menu), or the ability to turn off confirmation or even save the location of the yes/no window? Any of those improvements would make this much less tedious to do manually.
Windows / Re: Performance quickly deteriorates
« Last post by Cutter on October 23, 2017, 09:42:46 pm »
I did a scandisk and a defrag. I temporarily disabled Windows Defender. According to the stats dialog, I'm connected to ~300 peers.

I'm not sure this is a hard drive issue. When seeding is slow, I can copy of file at ~100 MB/s (from my torrents folder to another drive).

Here's a screenshot of Windows' performance monitor before and during a file transfer.
At the start, qbittorrent is seeding at ~2.2 Mb/s. The HDD is used at a constant 97%-100%, but the transfer rate goes dramatically up when I start copying a file.

Maybe an OS issue?
Windows / Close all Search tabs at once?
« Last post by speterson on October 23, 2017, 09:14:49 pm »
I'm new to torrent and qBittorrent. REally like the interface - simple, easy to use and works!  Just one thing is driving me nuts. I saw some old posts from years ago, but I'm wondering if the current version allows one to close all search window tabs quickly. Thanks!
Windows / Re: Queued downloads do not automatically start downloading
« Last post by Peter on October 23, 2017, 11:02:43 am »
Well I just have Max Download on 3 (or 10 if they are slow), 999 upload, and 999 max. :P I am quite a power user. (But it works!)
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