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Title: qbittorrent-nox watched folder not registering
Post by: tmlmt on February 01, 2015, 06:28:13 PM

Thanks for maintaining this nice piece of software! New to linux, I adopted qbittorrent for being the only headless (major) torrent client which can be easily bound to a vpn interface. The only issue I have is that I can't setup watched folders. When I click on "Save" after entering a Watched Folder path (e.g. /media/nas/torrents/watch), the page reloads but when opening the settings window, nothing appears in the Watched Folder area.
In the qBittorrent.conf file, Downloads\ScanDirs and Downloads\DownloadInScanDirs both have "@Invalid()" values. I tried to manually enter a path (e.g. Downloads\ScanDirs=/media/nas/torrents/watch) by stopping the service, changing the conf file and starting the service again, but to no avail.
Could you help me solve this ??

Details on the config:
- Ubuntu 14.04 on an armhf architecture (headless)
- qbittorrent-nox 3.1.8-2 installed (I think it's the latest version available in the repo for armhf)

Title: Re: qbittorrent-nox watched folder not registering
Post by: bruor on February 18, 2016, 07:05:50 PM
I've just run into this issue as well.  I was able to get a watched folder to process by filling in the following values in the qbittorrent.conf file manually. 


However,  this resulted in the torrents being downloaded into the watched folder.   using qbittorrent in gui mode isn't an option for me so I installed it on windows and configured a watch folder there.  It appears that now a scandirsv2 option is available but the options are encoded somehow and I'm not sure how to generate a correct config.  I did notice however that the last option had a 0 instead of false.  Changing the config to have 0 made absolutely no difference as well.

I attempted to install qbittorrent 3.3.3 on Ubuntu,  set up a configuration that was identical to what I needed for nox (3.3.1),  and copied it.  Paths were created to exactly match the nox config locations but torrents added from the watch folder still end up downloading in the watch folder no matter what.

Downloads\[email protected](\0\0\0\x1c\0\0\0\x1\0\0\0R\0/\0v\0o\0l\0u\0m\0\x65\0\x31\0/\0M\0\x65\0\x64\0i\0\x61\0/\0q\0\x62\0i\0t\0t\0o\0r\0r\0\x65\0n\0t\0/\0t\0o\0r\0r\0\x65\0n\0t\0s\0/\0w\0\x61\0t\0\x63\0h\0\0\0\x2\0\0\0\x1)

Title: Re: qbittorrent-nox watched folder not registering
Post by: ciaobaby on February 19, 2016, 01:34:24 AM

Code: [Select]

to the .conf file.
Title: Re: qbittorrent-nox watched folder not registering
Post by: TrentaFet on February 23, 2016, 10:15:58 AM
I can confirm this bug. Even with 0 being the value, it still downloads in the watch folder.

Code: [Select]

I couldn't even add the watch folder path or change the "Download Here" value through Web-UI, I had to edit the config file through SSH. After changing the config file as shown above, it successfully changes the path but it still downloads in the watch folder.

Note: In the Web-UI "Download Here" is not checked so it corresponds with the config file correctly, just doesn't implement it the "download here" part, it'll download to whatever watch path I set it to, regardless if I want it to download in watch or save path.

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