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Title: How to get full upload speed on a gigabit line?
Post by: jedberg on March 29, 2018, 01:15:44 am
I have a symmetric gigabit line, and have no problems with downloads going at full line speed using the stock configuration.

However, I've never seen uploads get bigger than a few hundred K per second (not even 1 megabyte).

Even when I drop into a very popular torrent with a ton of leechers, I can't ever get much speed going.

Do I need to make a config change?  How can I make it upload faster?

Title: Re: How to get full upload speed on a gigabit line?
Post by: Switeck on March 29, 2018, 05:24:08 pm
Even supposedly good networking equipment struggle to do 900 mbit/sec speeds in ONE direction at a time and are unable to fully utilize the last 100 mbit/sec of speed. Overheads are to blame for most of that, but poor drivers and slow network card/router/modem cpus are to blame for much of the rest.

Spinning platter hard drives simply won't keep up with gigabit/sec speeds, even for seeding a single torrent. qBT's cache can help some but I doubt it will do >20 MB/sec DL or UL even with 1000 MB cache size and 600 seconds cache duration.
I use a ramdrive to achieve gigabit/sec speeds in my EXTREME speed tests.

qBT v4.0.x series still has horrific upload problems... but much of that may be fixed in qBT v4.0.5 and later, as a libtorrent fix is already in place for some Disk IO problems. (qBT v3.3.16 may be the best if uTP is disabled atm, but it still sucks compared to uTorrent v2.2.1.)
Either disable uTP and/or set TCP to higher priority (in advanced settings, something like prefer TCP)
"Send upload piece suggestions" in advanced settings sadly must be disabled due to a bug with it that limits max upload speed to maybe 1-4 MB/sec.

qBitTorrent's performance seems even worse on a Mac than in Windows for some reason.

Another hard part of the problem is finding torrents with enough peers to upload to max 1 gbit/sec UL. Either you have to run a LOT of torrents, such as on a private tracker, or you have to run crazy-popular public torrents that never seem to accumulate fast seeds.

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