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Title: QBT-Nox Ubuntu I/O error - Illegal seek
Post by: mechanimal82 on January 06, 2019, 11:12:52 pm
Hoping someone can help with the io issue. I was able to download with deluge, but wanted to give qbt a try; for some reason it's throwing the below error.. I've tried both stable & unstable versions.

This is running on a headless Hetzner box running Ubuntu Server 18.04. QBT-Nox is running as the same user as the owner of the folder the file is dl to. Any suggestions???

qBittorrent v4.2.0alpha Web UI

Code: [Select]
(N) 2019-01-06T21:52:17 - An I/O error occurred, 'Tónandi Liminal - Liminal 3 (2018) [FLAC 24-44.1]' paused. Tónandi Liminal - Liminal 3 (2018) [FLAC 24-44.1] write (/mnt/plex/Torrent/Tónandi Liminal - Liminal 3 (2018) [FLAC 24-44.1]/01. Falinn.flac) error: Illegal seek

Edit: To add to this. The folder and holding files are created without issue. So qbt obviously can write to the folder - it just then stalls and won't download and then says 'Errored'

Another edit: I've moved the download location to my home directory and files are downloading again. the original location in /mnt/plex is an rclone mounted share. write permissions are fully enabled and I've been writing to this volume without issue. Something between rclone and QBT must be causing the issue.

Edit 3: seems rclone cannot seek. i must have had a different setup in deluge which i forgot. got it all working now with incomplete files downloading to local disk then being copied to the mount once complete. Ignore me!