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Bizarre problem of links missing from ebay, couple of screenies attached.

Here's the piccies, prize if you can spot the missing commands/hyperlinks. Well dodgy these things aren't they :

in this picture, we see the fundamental download block on torrents (on my machine).

Deluge (another client), is 'frozen' too.

The iron Maiden torrent has over 100 seeds (142 to be exact).

Complete waste of time I think...

Well the same problem arises from uTorrent, whith NO downloads...:-( I guess the people with the remote access want to prevent my music collection increasing....oh well, the world is safe from terroists I suppose.

My torrrents have all gone 'poof'

Anyone know another client?

Well i've decided to try another torrent client. I'm going to try uTorrent, which hopefully will work.

Well it's been approx. 2 hours, and you can see in this next pic that the Active Time register has frozen too! Blimey.

I can tell you in two words : Reward or money. ie. it's free so why should people work for YOU? The 'problems' are obvious. Get a job.

As subject, won't download with plenty of seeds.

'Dead' for 30 mins and counting (or when I noticed the problem).

Connection OK.

Aide moi?

update : acdtive time is 47min, and it STILL hasn't increased the status bar for the 'downloading' torrents? is this a remote hack? it seems to only affect qBitorrent though. (as picture).

How do i start it up, anyone? active, inactive, unactivated, poopdated (whatever the spelling is FFS).

I'm bored waiting for replies hence : chauvinist update...was this a bloody WOMAN? Lesbian update : was this a bloody MAN?

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